Bob Saget Sister Gay Saget Scleroderma Disease - What Did She Die Of? Illness Update

Bob Saget Sister Gay Saget Scleroderma Disease – What Did She Die Of? Illness Update

Bob Saget died on 9 Jan 2022 from Scleroderma, and it seems he had a sister named Gay Saget who also suffered from the same disease.

Gay Saget died at an age of 47 from Scleroderma disease, the same disease that might have taken Bob Saget’s life as he was found dead in a hotel room.

Gay Saget’s brother, Bob was known for his role as Danny Tanner on “Full House,” tragically has died on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Bob Saget Sister Gay Saget Scleroderma Disease 

Bob Saget’s sister Gay Saget was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called scleroderma in 1992. It is a rare disease that hardens and tightens the skin and connective tissues.

Gay was diagnosed with scleroderma around the age of 44 and died just a few years later at the age of 47. The disease affects women than men, typically between the ages of 30 and 50 years of age.

She battled the illness for 3 years that slowly and agonizingly turned her skin and internal organs to stone. 

After her demise, her brother, Bob created and directed a movie named “For Hope” inspired by Gay and as a tribute to her lost soul.

He also began a foundation that helped raise $35 million in funds for research into treatments for the disease.

Dedicating his life to supporting the Board of Directors at Scleroderma Research Foundation, he fulfilled his life’s purpose. 

After years of her passing, Bob also suffered from the same disease and passed away at the age of 65.

What Did Gay Saget Die Of? Illness And Health Update

Gay Saget died of the gruesome disease called Scleroderma. The autoimmune illness had no cure but the doctors did what they could to decrease the severity of the symptoms and manage complications.

The illness not only hardens the skin but also lets the limbs unable to bend. She suffered a lot of pain as her internal organs fossilize in an awful way. 

Gay Saget was misdiagnosed at first in its early stages as a harmless rash. Later found out it was scleroderma which is caused by the body’s natural collagen going wild and creating huge areas of scaly scar tissue. 

The sad thing was that Gay had lost her other sister, Andrea, who died of a brain aneurysm in her 30s.

After her death, her brother, Bob also was found unresponsive in his room found by the hotel staff around 4 p.m. and was pronounced dead upon arrival of emergency responders.

Who Was Gay Saget Husband And What Was Her Net Worth?

Gay Saget may or may not have a husband as her personal life was not disclosed publicly other than the disease she suffered from.

Furthermore, Gay’s net worth has not been revealed so far but her brother, Bob’s net worth was $50 million at the time of his death.

Bob had been heavily involved in the scleroderma charity works and after Gay’s demise from the illness and his charity is still active if people are thinking about donating for the research.