What Illness Did Bob Saget Die Of? Disease Drugs Addiction and Health Update, Was He Sick?

What Illness Did Bob Saget Die Of? Disease Drugs Addiction and Health Update, Was He Sick?

Did Bob Saget, a famous comedian die from an illness? Was it a heart attack? Continue reading the article to explore his cause of death and health condition. 

Bob Saget was well-known for his part of “Danny Tanner” in “Full House”. It was his first movie which helped him gain fame and recognition. 

The 65-year-old iconic comedian and actor was discovered dead on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

What Illness Did Bob Saget Die Of?- Disease Revealed

Bob Saget is not reported to die because of any illness or disease. And, for those of us who are interested in whether his death was related to his drug addiction, let me state unequivocally that no evidence of narcotics was discovered at the scene.

Everyone is pinning that he might have been diagnosed with Scleroderma as his sister died of the same disease. But this isn’t accurate; he’s never stated that he was diagnosed with scleroderma.

However, he does advocate for Scleroderma. Before the case of Scleroderma was seen in his own family he was associated with the scleroderma foundation.

According to TMZ, he was announced dead at the scene by the Sheriff’s Department and the fire department. They had responded to a 911 call made by one of the staff from the hotel. 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office made a tweet as “We have no discreet information on the cause of death. And detectives have uncovered no signs of foul play or drug usage in this instance.”

However, the rest is left to the Medical Examiner’s Office, who will make the final determination on the cause and manner of death.

Bob Saget Was Addicted To Drugs- His Health Update At The Time Of His Death

Bob Saget was addicted to drugs and alcohol since the very beginning of his career. However, as time went on, these issues became less visible on the internet, indicating that he was improving for better health conditions.

During his debut series, Full House, people were aware that he was high on some drugs based on his performance. 

You can watch the full episode of his interview with Sway’s Universe in 2019, where he has talked about his drug addiction as well as the racism that he encountered.

Furthermore, he has spilled all his beans from behind the scene of Full House. How he and his co-star used to get high behind the set and have all the fun. 

He mentioned that they were giggling hysterically, frightened that we were doing something so stupid!

Bob stated that he would lose it now and again and spout some comments that would be inappropriate for you to say in public. Especially on set, where you’re up against people of various ages.

Not just on the set, even after the show was wrapped. He continues to have fun together with his co-sta.

Saget recalls his memory, “John and I once walked into a toilet at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood and stood next to each other at the urinals.”

Where they revised their dialogue from Full House, the eighteen-year-old boy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He peed on himself all over the place.

For a little while, the poor kid believed Full House was real.

Was Bob Saget Sick? Explore His Health Problems

Bob Saget was not sick, however, people are speculating that he died maybe because of some health problems like Heart attack, Aneurysm, or  Drugs.

Nothing is disclosed yet, we have to wait for the medical officers to announce the statement in public.

If he was sick he wouldn’t be able to perform in his stand-up comedy in Jacksonville. Furt5hermore, he has been traveling the world giving his performance. 

As a result, we don’t think that we had any illness. It is still hard to believe that he is dead, as he just gave an amazing performance to his fans in Jacksonville. 

And even tweeted about his experience.