Big Fifty Delrhonda Hood Net Worth 2021: Here is the Entire Story

Big Fifty Delrhonda Hood Net Worth 2021: Here is the Entire Story

Have you ever wonder how much is the Delrhonda Hood aka Big Fifty’s net worth in 2021? She is a notorious American Gangster Trap Queens. 

Delrhonda Hood is an eminent drug lord and American lady gangster. She is known for involving in illegal activities like drug trafficking, gun possession, and fraud.

Also, she is a webstar. She has crossed over 15.2k individuals that follow her. How come the drug dealer and gangsters have massive fan followers on social networks? It’s complicated.

You can watch the Big Fifty, aka Delrhonda Hood’s full story on Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 9 p.m. on BET after an airing of “American Gangster″ at 5:30 p.m.

What Is The Net Worth Of Delrhonda Hood In 2021?

Delrhonda’s current net worth is probably $30-40 million in 2021, as indicated by the source.

There is no exact information regarding Hood’s salary earning in the media lately, but as per our knowledge, she is a kind of wealthy person.

Moving on to her family background, Delrhonda struggled a lot for a better future but ended in becoming a drug lord and American gangster queen. There is a swirling rumor that she was sentenced and served time in prison.

Does Delrhonda Hood Have Any Kids? Is She Married?

Delrhonda is blessed with two kids (sons) named Eric and Rodney, according to NY Casting

Certainly, she is married to Ricky (husband) in the past. Did you know? He gave her the nickname Big Fifty because of her body size. 

Also, she has a daughter as well. Her name is hidden under the carpet now. Hood barely shares her family details or father and mother’s identity in the media. Perhaps, her childhood is not as good as it should be.

There is a drama based on Derhonda’s story on IMDb. Remy Ma is playing the charter of Delrohinda Hood in the drama including other prominent costars. 

Delrhonda Hood Wikipedia: Does She Have One?

Delrhonda’s Wikipedia page is not featured in the media yet. However, her biography is available on several online sources. 

Coming to her date of birth, Delrhonda’s actual age is not accessible, but by her looks, she is in her mid-50s. 

How to watch Big Fifty: Delrhonda Hood’s life story without a cable? Well, if you are a cord-cutter or don’t have cable, you can watch live streaming of “Big Fifty: The DelRhonda Hood Story” on service Philo, which offers a seven-day free trial including BET in its channel offerings.