Belinda Bencic Parents Ivan Bencic and Dana Bencic - Personal Life Revealed

Belinda Bencic gives credit to her supportive parents. Let us learn more about the Swiss family

Belinda Bencic is a professional tennis player from Switzerland. She reached her career-high ranking as number 4 by WTA in February 2020. 

She is a two times gold-medalist of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

The Swiss player will be competing with British teenage player, Emma Raducanu for Quarterfinals in US Open Women’s Singles.

Belinda Bencic Parents and Father Ivan Bencic were her support system

Belinda Bencic was born to her parents in Flawil, Northern Switzerland. Her father, Ivan Bencic played a major role in her Tennis career.

The 58-years-old Ivan was initially a native of Czechoslovakia. He was born in Bratislava, Slovakia on 27th March 1963. 

But Ivan’s family emigrated to Switzerland in 1998. They had to leave their hometown to avoid the Warsaw Pact invasion by the Soviet Union. 

The tennis players’ dad was a Professional National Level Hockey player who played in both Swiss National League A and B. 

Later, he started his job as an Insurance Broker and raised two children with his wife, Daniela Bencicova. 

The former Ice hockey player was playing recreational tennis when he started giving an hour-long lesson to her 4-years old daughter.

Ivan encouraged her daughter to play games even though it was with a much older player. When she was four years old, Bencic competed in her first National Tournament against a player who was 6-years older than her. 

Her most supportive father asked for coaching advice with the coach of No.1 swiss tennis player, Melanie Molitor. At the time, Molitor was coaching Martina Hingis was one of the top players of Switzerland. 

At the age of 6, Belinda received coaching from Molitor and eventually winning several tournaments under-10.

Ivan convinced his entrepreneur friend to sponsor her daughter before he quit his job to travel with her.

More about Belinda Bencic Mother Dana Bencic

Daniela or Dana Bencic is a proud mother to Belinda Bencic. She is also a former athlete. 

Dana was an outstanding Handball player during her active days. She is also a native of Czechoslovakia but lives in Switzerland with her husband.

When Belinda was seven years old, she moved to Wollerau with her family so that her daughter can train with Molitor in her academy.  

Belinda received coaching advice from Molitor till she was a teenager and also got to work with Martina Hingis.

Who is Belinda Bencic’s boyfriend or future husband? Martin Hromkovic

We probably won’t be wrong to say that Martin Hromkovic is Belinda’s future husband. The couple has been openly dating since November 2018.

Martin was a former Slovakian Professional Football. He retired as a player in 2019 and is currently a full-time fitness trainer for Belinda Bencic. 

The tennis player is 15 years younger than her boyfriend. Melinda feels grateful that Martin can handle her busy tennis career and respect the line between personal and professional life.