Who is Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle? Laurence Fox Fiance Age - Meet Her On Instagram

Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle is the name of the woman in Laurence Fox’s life. How old is the actor’s fiance? Meet her on Instagram.  

Actor Laurence Fox is now engaged and finally shared the name of his fiance via The Telegraph. The Monday edition of The Telegraph writes, “The engagement is announced between Laurence Paul Fox and Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle.” 

Moreover, the actor also shared the news on Instagram as well as on Twitter. Congratulations are in order for the actor as he finally opens up about the mystery woman he has been talking about for months. 

Let’s get to know more about his fiance.

Who Is Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle? Know Laurence Fox Fiance

Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle is the newly announced fiance of English actor and activist, Laurence Fox. 

Taking the news on Twitter and Instagram, the Divisive actor wrote, “An Announcement. She said Yes.” 

It is not exactly sure when the two of them started to date each other. However, the actor did make a post of a blonde resting in his chest back in August. It raised a lot of questions about his dating life then. 

And once again on New Year’s day, he once again posted a photo with the blonde. The actor has not revealed her face just yet. We will try and find out more about her as soon as possible. 

Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle Age: How Old?

Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle’s age remains under review at the moment. 

As the 43-year-old actor has not shared anything about his new fiance, we are in the dark about her age and birthday for now. We will be updating you on that information very soon. 

Born and raised in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Fox was previously married to Billie Piper, with whom he shares two children. 

Meet Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle On Instagram

Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle has not revealed her Instagram account yet. 

However, you can find her photos on Laurence Fox’s Insta handle. But the Lewis actor has not revealed her face in any of the photos. It looks like he wants to keep her a mystery for a little longer. 

Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle Parents: Nationality And Ethnicity

Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle is blonde and white. 

Further facts about her parents and family remain under review for the time being. Also, she is probably British by nationality, however, we are still confirming the details.