Where Is Todd Mullis Today? Everything About The Farmer Who Killed His Wife Amy - Is He In Jail?

The 48 Hours corn rake murderer Todd Mullis has been still fighting his case, being sentenced at Delaware prison. Find more details about the murder and indexed punishments.

Todd Mullis called 911 on November 10, 2018, reporting that he found his wife reamed by the corn rake left in the field.

He stated that the accident had fatally wounded his wife whom he wanted to rush to the nearby hospital.

The call was pretty random and estranged as minute whispers of Todd shouting at her now dead wife could be heard subtly.

The case was solved after Todd’s initial statement contradicted the investigated clues and pieces of evidence.

The murder weapon inflicted six separate strike wounds and not just four as implied by the Iowa-based farmer.

48 Hours: Where Is Todd Mullis Today? 

Murderer Todd Mullis is serving his prison time being charged with first-degree murder and fake reporting.

Todd Mullis is better known as the murderer farmer of Iowa-based Corn Rake murder case, broadly case studied by 48 Hours.

Todd killed his wife Amy Mullis by using a farm corn rake by striking her back about six times on November 10, 2018.

The enraged farmer found out about Amy’s extra-marital affair with the farm manager.

The pair shared about 100 messages and texts in just one month, which can indeed deemed as pretty strange by Todd.

His wife Amy was 39 years old at the time of the cold hearted murder done to avenge the infidelity.

Todd has been assigned to the Delaware prison facility without the chance of parole.

He has been assigned the penalty sum of $150k for the case and is currently being represented by Attorney Aaron Hamrock.

He still slams the jurisdiction system by saying that the penalty is unjustified and that the judiciary is rigged.

He has been advocating for the reduction in his prison time for years and his trial requests have been repeatedly denied by the Court Judge.

Todd Mullis’ Wife Amy Mullis’ Death - Why Did The Farmer Kill His Beloved?

Todd Mullis killed his wife Amy Mullis on November 10, 2018, while working on their farm with his son Trysten.

As per the kid’s report, the other was feeling dizzy throughout the day and not completely stable.

When Todd asked his son to fetch them a pet carriage, Trysten found his mother in a horrible state with the corn rake penetrating her from her back.

Amy was rushed to Manchester Hospital but didn’t survive the trip.

The pursuing authorities claimed that they asked Todd to wait for them but to no avail.

The farmer later stated that he killed his wife after he found out that she was having an affair with the farm’s business associate. 

Updates On Todd Mullis’ Prison Sentence- Is He In Jail?

Todd Mullis has been serving his assigned prison time since the hearing of the murder case.

He has been removed from the chance of parole and has never been granted a trial by the Court.

He has also been fined for providing falsified report of the incident to the lead investigating authority and keeping them feigned.