What Is 3 6 Mafia Tiktok Song? Lyrics and Meaning - Find The Videos

Recently, 3 6 Mafia Songs have been trending all over the TikTok feed. Find out why the song is getting popular among the app users at the current time. 

TikTok always brings up songs in a trending section amongst the app users. Recently, 3 6 Mafia songs are getting popular on the app with billion of users all across the globe. With songs of many renowned singers like Billie Ellish and Justin Biber, 90’s music is talking up the app. 

While thousands of people are making videos on the sound, some people are questioning the trend on Twitter. It is always unclear how a trend or songs, or other particular content takes a peak on the app. 

Nevertheless, the app still amazes people with some amazing creators while some cringe content becomes people’s guilty pleasure. As of now, here is a quick explanation of the recent trending music on the app.

What Is 3 6 Mafia Song?

3 6 Mafia is an American Academy-award-winning hip-hop group that originated from Memphis, Tennessee. As the band is reviving its 90’s hit plays, people are making videos on their songs. The band was formerly popular as Triple 6 Mafia or Triple Six Mafia. 

DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, and Juicy J formed the band in 1991. Thereafter shortly other rappers Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo, Mr. Del, and Crunchy Black joined them. Moving forward, Mr. Del later left the group in 2000 and became Christian. 

@561_izzy.1 my airpods making me lag. #36mafia🎶 ♬ Half On a Sack - Three 6 Mafia

The band released the song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimip” in 2005 which won Best Original Song at the 78th Academy Awards. The band has also released some of their horrorcore like Smoked Out and Loced Outback in the ’90s. 

In August 2019, the group leaders DJ Paul and Juicy J announced that they were about the revive the Three 6 Mafia. Followingly, they also performed together after several years. 

Lyrics And Meaning Of 3 6 Mafia Song Explained 

Several songs from the 3 6 Mafia band are currently trending on TikTok. People are bringing up the hit 90’s song back as their sound for the videos. You can find the lyrics of all of their songs here.

On the one hand, the app users are using the sound, some are searching for the meaning. Meanwhile, its popularity is getting higher each passing day.

In addition, people are using the sound to make lip syncs or show some circumstances of their ongoing life. 

Where Can You Find The Videos On 3 6 Mafia Song Trend?


Whenever some sounds trend on the app, you can find it on your TikTok feed while scrolling FYI.

You can find people making videos on the trend under the hashtag 36Mafiasong or you can simply type the band name on the search button. 

The app users are bringing back the 90’s song and this is not the first time. With the trends, the new generations are getting to witness the taste of old music