Who Is Zia Chishti Wife? Net Worth & Family - How Rich Is The Accused?

Accused Businessman Zia Chishti’s wife’s details are pretty hard to find out from the internet. However, we have some details.

Zia Chishti has been a successful businessman post his MBA graduation from Stanford University in 1997.

Zia has been accused by his previous employee Tatiana Spottiswoode who stated that Zia sexually assaulted her during her early work.

Tatiana also explained how the corrupt and immoral company caused an internal arbitration of her case, leading her to not express the violence in the general media.

Zia has been the main leading figure behind the two successful billion-dollar indexed companies and currently working for a newer billion targeting company.

Who Is Zia Chishti Wife? 

Zia Chishti’s wife’s details and information regarding his previous partner have never been divulged to the media.

The Pakistan-origin American businessman was once inducted in the Top 50 bachelors in the United States by Peoples Magazine.

The sparse information regarding his married life has cast a significant doubt around his partner’s whereabouts.

There have been rumors that Zia was dating his long-time business partner Kelsey Wirth, a Boarch Chair and Co-sounder of Mothers Out Front.

Kelsey world as the President of Align Technology, a business venture from 1997 to 2001.

The successful businessman, leading Orthoclear and Afiniti respectively as two separate billion-dollar crossing projects, has been caught in a fueled complication of the initial assault case.

Zia completed his initial bachelor’s degree in computer science and economics from Columbia University before getting enrolled in the prestigious Stanford University for his further MBA course.

The talks about Zia’s wife were sparked after he was accused of mistreating his employee. The case got strengthened after the victim testified on November 16, 2021, before the court and public hearing.

No marriage records or indication of Zia’s love interest have been made available on the internet, and people believe the information has not been disclosed for some significant reasons.

Details on Zia Chishti’s Net Worth - How Rich Is He?

Zia Chishti’s works with his individually garnished two companies that exceeded the billion-dollar market cap have caused his net worth to skyrocket to the top tier of $2 billion.

He also invested in stocks and assigned major funds to the equity funds that house for his massive growth in value.

Zia’s company has been flaunting a huge 25 billion dollars market capitalization, and this figure has been growing ever since, propelling Zia as 

Everything Regarding Zia Chishti’s Family 

Zia was born in 1971 in Bar Harbor, Maine, to an American father, Wilson Lear, and a Pakistani mother, Sadia Chishti.

Following his father’s death, the family moved to their hometown in Pakistan and settled there before Zia’s mother advised him to pursue further education in America.

Zia got enrolled in a minor in economics and a major computer science program course at Columbia University in 1991.

Zia then worked in a bank branch after getting his MBA degree from Stanford.