How Did Dick Vitale Lose His Eye? Glass Eye Update, What Happened To Him?

Dick Vitale is a famous basketball announcer who lost his left eye in an accident during his youth days. Learn more about what happened in the article below. 

Dick Vitale is a famous basketball announcer who got emotional when he got back as the commentator.

Along with his popularity, people have always noticed something unusual in his left eye. He recently made headlines after he opened up about his cancer.

The former basketball coach revealed he has lymphoma and he will be going through six months of chemotherapy. 

Dick Vitale Lost His Left Eye At A Young Age 

Dick Vitale lost his eyesight after he accidentally poked his eye with a pencil when he was almost 4. He couldn’t see from his left eye since he was very young.

With the years, his eye infection started growing and he eventually lost sight. He was so close to quitting high school after he lost his left eye. The basketball announcer later started teaching and coaching high school basketball. 

Vitale then went to Rutgers as an assistant and eventually became a Hooters spokesman. Although experiencing a tragedy in his childhood, he made himself a successful career path. 

Vitale whose birth name is Richard Vitale grew up in Passaic, N.J. The commentator grew up with his Italian immigrant grandfather.

On the other hand, his dad John pressed coat on a factory all day. And he used to work as a security guard at night. 

Dick Vitale Glass Eye; When Did He Lose His Eye?

Dick Vitale has fitted a glass eye on his left side as he lost his vision since his childhood days.

Vitale experienced bullying from his classmate due to his eye. The commentator also said people would not see his eye directly. 

He was very scared to complain to his teacher or coach. The commentator felt that would make him look soft or weak. 

Vitale used to sit in a room crying looking at the mirror. His classmates never realized how much pain they put him through while making fun of him. 

When he was in the Little League, even his parents used to yell saying if he can see the plate. Despite facing so many difficulties and bullying since his childhood, he has established his career. 

What Happened to Dick Vitale? Health Update 

Dick Vitale returned to the commentary booth for EPN coverage of the college basketball. On the emotional comeback, he revealed that he has lymphoma. 

The 82 years old revealed he will be taking 6 months of chemotherapy. With teary eyes, he said he couldn’t believe he was standing there. 

Back in August, he had several surgeries to get rid of melanoma. As per his essay, the experts say there is an 80% of cure rate for the type of lymphoma he has. 

He will be continuing to work while scheduling his chemotherapy. His doctors will be monitoring his test results alongside.