Hedake Smith Net Worth 2021 - Where Is Stevin Smith Today?

There is an update on Hedake Smith Net Worth as of 2021. How rich is the former player?

Stevin ‘Headake’ Smith is a former basketball player. He was a bright player who played from foreign clubs and was denied in the NBA due to his involvement in unethical gaming practice. 

Recently, he has shown up and shared his story through a Netflix series. Get the latest information about his Net Worth, followed by his Wikipedia profile and family update through this article. 

Stevin Aka Hedake Smith Net Worth 2021

There is no information related to the Net Worth of Hedake Smith as of 2021 available at this time. However, according to various sources, the former player has an estimated Net Worth of more than USD 10 million. 

He was an active player from 1994 until 2008. The player has a long list of the teams he had represented during his career, and we assume that he had accumulated all the wealth during his career span.

The player was also suspected of earning from illegal activities. He was involved in a point-shaving scandal back in the year 1994 when he used to play from his college team in Arizona State. 

This is also one of the causes that the player never made it to the NBA. If he was not involved in the scam, we assume the player would have been one of the successful names from the NBA. 

Stevin Smith on Bad Sports- Netflix

The former player Stevin Smith has been recently featured on Bad Sports on Netflix. It is one popular show that reveals all the dark secrets of the world-famous scams directly from the person accused. 

This is the first season which started on October 6, 2021. Steven, who is also known by the name of Headake Smith, along with Hoop Schemes, talks about how they were making so much money from a young age and all the secrets of their scandal. 

He reveals that he and the boys were already playing with millions back in the 90s. They were spending a lot of money on diamonds, cars, parties, and fashion which made the FBI curious about them, and they finally got caught. 

Update on Stevin Smith Wikipedia Profile- Family 

We can find a brief background about Stevin Smith in his Wikipedia profile. The player is currently at the age of 49 and was born in his hometown in Dallas, Texas, in the year 1972, January 24. 

He is the only son of his parents. His father is Eunice Smith and had encouraged him to play sports from a young age while Bill Frieder from Arizona State University coached him.

The former player is happily married and is blessed with three children. He is settled with his family in Dallas, Texas, and is currently serving as a Vice President of the N.O.W program.