Video: Who is Griffin Kinard? Man Punches Woman In A Subway

Griffin Kinard is recognized as the man who punched a woman in the NYC subway. Here is everything to know about the incident. 

A viral video shows a man punching a woman on a subway train in New York City. Also, the video shows several other men and women on the train watching it happen without interfering.

The person’s name has been revealed as Griffin Kinard. He argued with the woman, called her racist, and punched her in the face while other people watched it happen. 

A passenger made a video and it has gone viral on the internet. 

Viral Video: Who is Griffin Kinard?

Griffin Kinard is a black man from Bronx, New York, as per his Twitter handle. 

Other reports on Twitter suggest that he is an employee of a local Internet Service Provider named SafeLink ISP. It looks like hasn’t been active on Twitter for the last 4 years.

Griffin reportedly gets in a heated argument with a woman on the train and even called her “racist.” The woman tries to calm the situation by saying “Take a Chill Pill.”

In reaction to that, Griffin punches her in the face. But the worse thing is, a lot of people actually watched the incident and did nothing. 

Griffin Kinard Wife And Children

Griffin Kinard is a married man with a wife and children. 

In the video, he also talks about his kids and says something gibberish about them. We don’t have any further details about his children though. 

According to his social media bio, the family is based in Bronx, New York. Griffin doesn’t have an Instagram presence or a Wikipedia biography. We will update more info about him soon.  

Who Is The Woman On The Video?

We are yet to recognize the woman who was on the video. 

She was on the subway train with many other people and still got assaulted. However, NYC Police haven’t received any case or complaint of such. Perhaps, she is yet to go to the Police. 

However, the viral video will probably help her to get justice. Users on social media are trying their best to boost the video so that the man can be punished for his crimes. 

No case has been registered yet though.