GigaChad: Ernest Khalimov Real Face, Age and Instagram, Everything To Know On

GigaChad: Ernest Khalimov Real Face, Age and Instagram, Everything To Know On

The real face of Ernest Khalimov is revealed and compared with the Gigachad meme. He has been trending after the news came out that Gigachad is real and is not some CGI effects. 

The face of Gigachad was so surrealistic that no one had thought it to be a real person until after some researches, it came as a shock.

Ernest is a Russian model working in SLEEK’N’TEARS. Furthermore, he is aware of people comparing him to the Gigachad meme and does not seem to have any problem with it.

Quick Facts:
Name Ernest Khalimov
Height 6 feet 8 inches
Nationality Russian
Profession Model
Instagram @berlin.1969

Ernest Khalimov Real Face Revealed

The Russian Model Ernest Khalimov’s face has been revealed, and it is proved that he is a real person and not some CGI model.

The controversial face of Gigachad had been trending all over the Internet. His face was accounted as to be a perfect jawline face with a hyperrealistic body which was believed to be a CGI.

People were shocked when they got to see his real face without any photoshops or edits. To prove his reality and existence, his photographer, Krista, has posted a small video and picture with Ernest Khalimov on Social media.

Revealing Ernest Khalimov Instagram 

The model, Ernest Khalimov, is active on his official Instagram account. He is seen active under the username @berlin.1969.

He has a huge 197k followers and has followed only 2 people. Ernest has put his profession as a SLEEK’N’TEARS model in his Instagram bio.

Ernest Khalimov Age

The age of the rising star, Ernest Khalimov, has not been revealed yet. However, he is believed to be running in his twenties.

He stands tall with a height of 6 feet and 8 inches. His height gives him a perfect look like a model.

Some Facts On Ernest Khalimov

  1. Ernest Khalimov was born and raised in Russian, and his nationality is Russian.
  2. He is active on his Instagram account only.
  3. He has been a model for SLEEK’N’TEARS for over 4 years now. 
  4. Khalimov’s bio is not uploaded on Wikipedia.