What Were The Front Porch Step Allegations? Arrest and Update 2021

Fans are asking what allegations is the Front Porch Step facing? So, let’s explore the musician’s sexual harassment controversies.

Front Porch Step aka Jake McElfresh is a solo acoustic singer from Newark, Ohio. At the age of 21, he began his musical career. He then released his debut album, Aware under the label of Pure Noise Records. 

What Were The Front Porch Step Allegations?

Several young individuals have accused Jake McElfresh of sexual harassment via mobile phones. One of his highlighted allegations is sending naked images of himself to underage females.

This prompted a petition requesting that he be removed from the 2015 Warped Tour. Pure Noise Records, his record company, and Kevin Lyman, the originator of the Warped Tour, both said they were aware of the claims.

McElfresh posted on his Facebook page on January 4, 2015, that he had suspended all existing tour dates, including Warped Tour, owing to the allegations. McElfresh made a public statement on Facebook on April 3, 2015.

In the Facebook post, Jake noted that as a child, he struggled with self-esteem and “definitely was not a ladies guy.” When he eventually made it in music, he was startled by how much attention he received from female admirers.

McElfresh admits to communicating with women via text messages. Some of whom were minors, but stated that the discussions were “not as one-sided as they appear.” He stated that no charges had been filed against him. 

Jake also asserted that “(he) only had chats with willing participants” despite the fact that some of the conversations were sexual in nature. McElfresh later stated that in the months after the claims, he “wonder[ed] if (he) wanted to be alive anymore.”

After being dumped by his label and pulled from all concerts, the acoustic singer took a hiatus from social media, calling it the “best thing (he) could have ever done.” In addition, he claimed that he plans to return to music in the summer.

McElfresh played his first gig since the claims were made on July 1, 2015, in the Acoustic Basement at the Warped Tour stop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kevin Lyman, the founder of the Warped Tour, indicated that he had spoken with McElfresh’s personal counselor, who stated that the performance would be part of his treatment.

Mr. Lyman also told that McElfresh would not be paid for the gig and that he would not appear at any future dates on the tour. He also indicated that he let McElfresh perform since he had not been charged with a misdemeanor, saying:

“If he was a legitimate danger to anyone, he simply wouldn’t be here.”

Many musicians tweeted their thoughts on the issue, almost all of which were negative. McElfresh also faced with a concertgoer who publicly chastised him, claiming:

“The difference between you and me is that I know who I am, and I am very proud of that. So you can go ahead, watch my set. Thank you very much. Thanks for the ticket money, dude.”

Mcelfresh returned to the music scene on June 2, 2016, following a year sabbatical due to sexual harassment charges. He released one song ‘Help Me Hurt’ on Spotify which addresses the claims in a hazy manner and pleads with God for pardon.

Jake McElfresh Sexual Assault Update in 2021

Jake McElfresh has become the primary focus in insulating more than 20 teenage fangirls ranging in age from 15 to 17. Some of his victims, including Carina and Elizabeth, said he forced them to create child pornography.

Not only that but McElfresh was threatened with kidnapping and gang rape if they did not have sexual relations with him. Some admirers referred to him as a pedophile who had strayed on his beau.

Jake allegedly exploited his stardom to emotionally abuse and sexually harass teenage female admirers. Despite this, he has declared that he is not a pedophile or a rapist. He also apologizes to his supporters for any harmed anyone but never intended to do.