Who Are Genevieve Kang Parents? Everything To Know About His Ethnicity Nationality and Family

Genevieve Kang’s parents’ pieces of information are being explored all over the web. Stay with us to know more about Genevieve Kang, her parents, and her nationality.

Genevieve Kang is a famous Canadian actress and an assistant director. She has starred in movies like Jett, Impulse, and Locke & Key. 

Further, her first role was on the show Romeo! in Nickelodeon. 

Who Are Genevieve Kang Parents?

Genevieve Kang’s parents’ information is not available on any platform yet. Besides, she is a very private person and does not even talk about her family on-camera. 

In 2019, Kang starred in a film named Jett, due to which she gained immense popularity. Kang played the role of Miss Kennedy in the movie Jett.

At present, Genevieve is best known for her recurring role as Jackie Vedai in Netflix’s original series, Locke and Key.

Locke and Key’s series is about supernatural and horror drama based on the same name as a comic book.

After passing out of high school, Genevieve started her training in acting and directing. She did her master’s degree in drama and direction in Canada.

Genevieve moved to the United States of America after finishing her studies and began working as an actress and director in the United States.

Kang is also a social activist. She also has a blog where she posts recipes for different dishes and health-related information.

Genevieve Kang’s Ethnicity and Nationality Revealed

Genevieve Kang is of Canadian nationality as she was born in Toronto, Canada, and holds Canadian citizenship.

Although, Kang’s home residence is in Kyoto, Japan. In terms of ethnicity, she is a white woman of Asian heritage and mixed race.

Genevieve was born on 7 January 1989. Kang is 32 years old and will soon be 33 after two months.

Kang is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 55kg with a fit and fine body.

Even though actress Kang is in her early 30s, she plays the role of a high school girl and gets even a compliment for looking young by her cast members.

Genevieve Kang’s Family Explored

Genevieve Kang has not shared any information about her family on the internet yet. However, she has rarely mentioned her parents and only talks about her family off-camera.

Genevieve Kang also has a sister. But the details regarding her sister are also unavailable.

Kang is well-known for her acting ability in the Hollywood industry.

Kang’s estimated net worth is about $250 thousand. However, the mentioned figure is just an assumption as Kang has not spoken about this matter.