Who Is Franklin Prater Flint Michigan? Missing Tiktoker Sabrina Prater Conspiracy

Franklin Prater Flint Michigan is back with regular content. Find out why he was missing for so long.

Internet sensation Franklin is known for uploading dance videos. Well, he loves to dress up as a woman and show his moves on various songs.

Most probably, he is revealing his new identity very soon. For now, we can use the pronouns his/him.

Who Is Franklin Prater Flint Michigan? 

Franklin Prater hails from Flint, Michigan. Hence, we can confirm his nationality as American.

Reportedly, he is 34 years old. Although we have no idea about his birthday, we can confirm that he was born in 1987.

Well, he seems to be of average height and weight. But, there’s nothing to know about his body measurements yet.

Moreover, Franklin hasn’t spoken about his family life yet. Most probably, he is single and looking for the right person.

In 2021, Prater hasn’t been included on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, his recent controversy has triggered local sites to present his biography.

Moving on, his major hobby is dressing up as a girl and dance. However, he hasn’t revealed why he likes to do so.

As per prediction. Prater’s estimated net worth is over thousands. Since he is new in the business, he will have to work much harder to increase his assets.

Missing Tiktoker Sabrina Prater Conspiracy Explained

Franklin Prater is currently recognized by his new name, Sabrina Prater. Netizens are curious to know about the TikToker’s recent conspiracy.

Reportedly, Sabrina went missing for at least a week. His last TikTok video was uploaded on November 16, 2021.

The post has earned more than 1.4 million views as of today’s date. Overall, Franklin aka sabrinaprater625 has over 197 thousand followers on the platform.


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Moreover, his TikTok videos have surpassed 1.9 million likes already. Indeed, he is a social media icon who is trying to motivate other people like him.

However, his followers have always doubted if he was pressured to make such videos. Moreover, they seemed concerned if he was safe or not.

After Prater disappeared from social media, his fans were devastated. Some rumors even claimed that he might have been abducted or he might have killed himself.

Was Franklin Prater Found?

Yes, Franklin Prater has been found. Reportedly, he wasn’t missing but taking a break from the internet.



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Via his new TikTok video, he revealed that he was violated for sexual content. Now, he feels stronger and has also asked for help from his fellow supporters.

Indeed, he seems to be loving his life. Since November 22, Sabrina has uploaded nine videos already. Most of his posts have accumulated millions of views within a short period.