Fox 4: Is Mark Alford Leaving? Kansas City Reporter Retiring and Health Update

Fox 4: Is Mark Alford Leaving? Kansas City Reporter Retiring and Health Update

Mark Alford is leaving Signal Hill after 23 years long service. Learn more about his journey.

Mark Alford is an acclaimed American anchor who has extensive in the industry of journalism and reporting. He anchors FOX4 news 630-900 am.

He is the veteran News Anchor who is considered the best in the industry. He has been passionate about news anchoring since his childhood. 

Fox 4: Is Mark Alford Leaving? Is He Retiring?

Mark Alford announced his leaving FOX4 next week. The Texas native lived his dream for a long. Not everyone get a chance in life to live their dreams.

He knew that he would love to be an anchor since he was in grade five. He admired Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson. Before joining FOX4, he worked during weekends.

He worked as an anchor and a reporter at KPRC in Houston between 1995 and 1998. He then joined FOX4 after leaving Houston. Executing years of anchoring in Kansas city;

now he would end his anchoring by Oct 12, which would be his final show. Yes, Mark Alford is leaving FOX4. There is already a vacancy posted.

You can see the JD here, and pass it to anyone you think, can take Mark Alford’s place or could be the next potential Mark Alford. The reason for him to leave is not retirement.

He is 57 years old and yet very energetic and spells bounding the audience. He can still capture the audience’s attention and run more shows.

Kansas City Reporter Mark Alford Health Update

He seems fit and fine. Alford is not leaving due to health issues or having any illness. He announced his excitingly leaving by himself. 

All these colleagues were happy for him that he would be leaving to join his subsequent interest. The farewell given to him was amazing. It clearly showed how close they were.

They put a pie on Mark’s face for fun and to cherish his long service. The producer even invited Mark’s closest friends to take part in the fun. 

Know The Age of the Journalist

Mark Alford was born on October 4, 1963. This makes him 58 years as of 2021. He just celebrated his birthday four days ago. He was born in Texas, in the United States.

He got enrolled at Baytown Sterling High School, then later joined the University of Texas at Austin. And finally graduated with a degree in Political Science and Government.

Being one of the top Journalists for FOX4, he earns an annual salary ranging between $20 000 -$100 000.