Fact Check: Is Broadcaster Janice Long Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax On Twitter Making Headlines

Fact Check: Is  Broadcaster Janice Long Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax On Twitter Making Headlines

The rumors of Janice Long’s death are all over Twitter, but she is alive and not dead. 

Janice Long is an English radio broadcaster. She made a debut on BBC radio 1 in 1982; she has become a well-known figure in this industry. 

Recently, some sources have talked about her sudden death on December 25. It has made people worry about her. People are now trying to confirm the news on Twitter.

Fact Check On Death Rumor Of Janice Long On Twitter- Is She Dead Or Alive?

Janice Long’s death rumor has caused havoc on Twitter, but she is alive and not dead yet. Unfortunately, sources like US Day News have circulated fake news about her death. 

Though they provided no death causes in the articles, they mentioned her hospitalization a few months before. Her friends and followers are concerned for her. 

Nevertheless, there is no relevance in the news, and it is a death hoax. But, we are still unaware of what gave fire to these rumors in such a manner. 

Recently, a user on Twitter has shared a screenshot of her daughter’s recent Instagram story. In the picture, she was seen spending time with her family. The family is probably together for the holidays. 

Thus, this proves that the news is fake. Those who were worried could assure her good health and safety. 

Janice Long and Her Husband Were Seen In Daughter’s Current Instagram Story

Janice Long has been married to her husband since 2017. They were recently captured in their daughter’s Instagram story. 

The broadcaster was previously married to Trevor Long. They also won contestants on the first edition of Yorkshire Television’s game show 3-2-1 in 1978. However, they separated after five years of marriage.

In 1987, Janice started dating Paul Berry. They had two children together. However, the pair took quite a long time to tie the knot. Finally, they got married in 2017. 

Explore Janice Long Net Worth 

Janice Long’s net worth is not explored by any media outlet yet. However, some sources estimated that her wealth should be around $1-$5 million, whereas some claim it must be $19 million. 

Nonetheless, there is no confirmed figure to justify her net worth. But, we believe she may have an impressive net worth looking at her career history. 

She has been working as a broadcaster since 1982. She is 66 years old now but continues to do what she loves.