Edmond Dédé Death Cause: Net Worth & Partner - Is He Married?

Legendary music composer Edmond Dede died of a natural cause in 1901 after returning to a New Orleans concert. Find more about the musical maestro.

Edmond Dede studied classical music in Paris after moving there from the United States as his sheet music sales were not yielding much profit.

Edmond met a French woman Sylvie Leaflet in 1864 and the pair married before finally moving to the city of Bordeaux.

Sylvie herself was an art enthusiast and the all-time great admirer of Edmond’s violin brilliance.

Edmond served in many great orchestras, ballet houses, and music halls as the operating director of music.

His violin tones and the Symphony tales he created have been an inspiration to every classical music admirer.

Edmond Dédé Death Cause: Google Doodle Tribute

Edmond Dede, the elite music creator, and violin maestro, died on January 5, 1901, due to natural causes.

He returned after spending most of his prime years in France to the United States, his place of birth.

In May 1893, he was assigned to a significant concert taking place in New Orleans of USA.

Edmond considered this transmit voyage one of his worst downfalls as he lost his favorite rare violin during the trip.

He also made a stop to search for the instrument but to no avail.

He attended the New Orleans classical music concert as the conductor of the program but stayed in the States to garnish the cross-culture essential for better upliftment of any music.

His works in French circa of music and the influence from Italian violin dark tone led him to create a perfect blend in his originals, also submitting many sheer supporters behind his art.

He died shortly after returning to the Bordeaux grounds and resuming his everyday life in 1901.

Edmond was paid a subtle revere and grand tribute on November 20, 2021, by Google Doodle on his 194th birthday.

Explore Edmond Dédé’s Massive Net Worth 

Edmond created some of the best-carved masterpieces on his favorite violins, such as Patriotism, Quasimodo Symphony, and Le Palmiere Overture. 

His career as the conductor of ballet house, musical hall rooms, and elite orchestras led him to flaunt a massive net worth of 10 million dollars.

Edmond traveled to New Orleans and stayed a few more years in the States to teach classical music to scholars.

This new stage also added a lot to his then extant value.

Details On Edmond Dédé Partner - Is He Married?

Edmond Dede met and married Sylvie Leaflet in 1864.

The pair met in the capital city of the French empire and later moved to the city of Bordeaux.

They were blessed by their only kid, son Eugene Arcade Dede.