Who is Dre Hughes Facebook? Girlfriend Abuse Video, Was He Arrested?

Dre Hughes’s Facebook video is trending all across the internet. Find out his girlfriend abuse video on Twitter. 

A Facebook video has gone viral all over the internet as a guy abuses his girlfriend on live video. The video, which was originally uploaded on November 27, has received thousands of views and interactions on social media. 

The two-minute video consists of an argument between the couple who curse each other with words. Here is everything you need to know about the person in the video. He is recognized as Dre Hughes. 

Dre Hughes Girlfriend Abuse Facebook Video Explained

Dre Hughes is identified as the guy in a viral Facebook video abusing his girlfriend. 

The video has gained worldwide attention on Twitter, with thousands of videos reacting to it. A lot of memes and trolls have been made in reference to the video as well. 

The person in the video is said to be Dre Hughes. There’s not much known about him except for his Facebook profile from where the video came out. 

We are still collecting information about him and will update you as soon as possible. 

Dre Hughes Girlfriend: Who Is She?

Dre Hughes gets in a heated argument with his girlfriend in the video. 

The fight probably took place on the day of thanksgiving as he says, “happy thanksgiving” during the fight. The argument continues to some physical assault as well. 

However, we don’t have any information regarding the girl in the video. Both of them are African-American by ethnicity. 

Dre Hughes Abuse Video: Twitter And Reddit Reactions

Dre Hughes’s video has got mixed reactions on social media. 

Fans on Twitter and Reddit are talking about it all the time. The video is often used as meme material as well. 

I’m scrolling my Twitter, minding my own business when I run across THIS soap opera! WTF is this?!?” A user wrote on Twitter. 

Another added, “This doesn’t sound funny anymore.”

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