Does Everleigh Labrant Have Cancer? Down Syndrome Hoax Explained

Does Everleigh Labrant Have Cancer? Down Syndrome Hoax Explained

Does Everleigh Labrant Have Cancer? No, she doesn’t have cancer. Let’s find out more information about the rumors regarding her cancer.

Everleigh is a famous Young fashionista on Instagram primarily recognized as the daughter of social media stars Savannah Labrant and Tommy Smith. Her mother is an internet sensation.

Besides, Everleigh is a toddler fashionista with her own Instagram account run by her mother. Further, Everleigh is also interested in dance, and she began training in dance at 18 months.

Everleigh’s mother, Savannah, is a fashion designer Savannah Soutas, a photographer and fashion blogger. Furthermore, Everleigh has appeared in various magazines, including Vogue Australia, and was featured in a campaign for Kardashian Kids.

Meanwhile, she is the half-sister of Posie Labrant, who recently got diagnosed with cancer. Also, Everleigh has a younger brother named Zealand Cole Labrant, born in late July 2020.

Apart from that, Everleigh has also appeared in television series, and some of her credits include Everleigh opens toys, Giggles Talk, JoJo’s Juice, and many more.

People are confused about the recent news regarding her half-sister’s cancer, and they thought that Everleigh has cancer. But there is no truth about it. Let’s find out in detail.

Does Everleigh Labrant Have Cancer? Down Syndrome Hoax Explained

No, Everleigh Labrant does not have cancer.

She is a fit and healthy kid. Meanwhile, her half-sister, Posie Labrant, recently got diagnosed with cancer.

And her parents shared a video on YouTube where they mentioned everything about Posie Labrant health condition and illness.

The title of that video was She got diagnosed with cancer. And they didn’t mention the name of anyone.

So, due to this reason, many people were confused and thought that Everleigh is diagnosed with cancer.

Details Everleigh Labrant Family

Moving onwards, Everleigh Labrant comes from a superior family.

She was born to Savannah Labrant and Tommy Smith. 

Further, Everleigh’s mother began a small kids clothing shop online called The Wild Threads with Ava’s mother. And her aunt is a singer and fellow social media star Chantelle Paige.

Everleigh has her YouTube channel named Everleigh Open Toys, run by her mother and stepfather, Cole Labrant.

As a passionate dancer, Everleigh started dancing at 18 months, and she began competing in dance when she was just 3 years old.

Her older cousins are twin actresses Oakley Fisher & Taytum Fisher.

Meet Everleigh Labrant On Instagram

Everleigh is active on Instagram under the username  @everleighrose.

Her Ig account is already verified and has garnered over 4 million followers.

And her profile is operated by her mother, Savannah Labrant.

Apart from that, Everleigh is a renowned personality, and she is also listed on IMDb, where we can find more details about her.