Anti-Vaxer Marc Bernier Dead At 65: His Obituary And Cause Of Death Revealed

Anti-Vaxer Marc Bernier Dead At 65: His Obituary And Cause Of Death Revealed

Marc Bernier Dead At 65: A conservative talk radio host Marc in Florida who said he wouldn’t get vaccinated has died from COVID-19 aged 65. Let’s find out more informaiton.

Marc was a renowned journalist who was a talk radio host in Daytona Beach for 30 years. Recently, he died, and the news of his death has saddened people around the world.

He was also a Special Assistant to the President for Government and Community Affairs and the moderator for The President Speakers Series at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University since the series originated in 2010.

Likewise, he was the host of The Marc Bernier Show, and the show has been frequented by guests nationwide. Further, Marc Bernier had characterized himself as Mr. Anti-Vax, and he criticized coronavirus vaccination efforts.

Meanwhile, Marc interviewed numerous mayors, journalists, sheriffs, governors, and many other personalities. Also, Bernier was an outspoken opponent of vaccinations. 

Furthermore, Marc was one of the most experienced journalists, and he was involved in Journalism for many years. Sadly, Bernier died after a three-week fight against the virus.

Marc Bernier Dead At 65: His Obituary And Cause of Death

Experienced Journalist Marc died of COVID-19 at the age of 65.

He was recognized as the Mr. Anti-Vax as he said he wouldn’t get vaccinated.

According to a report, Marc was hospitalized with Covid-19 three weeks ago. 

Bernier was the WNDB radio show host, and a representative of the station confirmed that Marc Bernier died Saturday night sometime after 6 p.m. He openly opposed the coronavirus vaccine and compared the vaccination and virus mitigation efforts to Nazi Germany through his Twitter account.

Marc’s death has devasted many people worldwide.

Marc Bernier Age and Wiki - Instagram

Marc Bernier’s age was 65 years at the time of his death.

He was born in America, but his actual birth date is missing from the web.

Further, Bernier was a native of Rhode Island, and he was hospitalized on August 7. Bernier had been actively engaged in this field for many years, and he had worked in different companies during his tenure.

Despite his hard work and dedication, Bernier’s Wikipedia bio is not updated yet. However, we can explore the web and discover more information regarding his career and personal life.

Bernier had also made frequent appearances on C-SPAN. He was a contributor to Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC and a contributor to the WB’s The Buzz.

Further, Marc Bernier was not active on Instagram but can be found on Twitter.

Who Was Marc Bernier Wife?

Bernier’s wife hasn’t come up in the media yet.

As per a report, Marc was the father of two children. So, we can say that Bernier was a married man but had kept details of his marital life away from the spotlight.

The late journalist resided in Daytona Beach Shores.

Marc Bernier Net Worth Revealed

Bernier’s net worth was estimated at over a million dollars.

But the actual figure of his earnings is unknown.

So, Bernier’s net worth is still under review.

Surely, Bernier might have gathered a huge fortune from his long-term career.