Denver Shooting: Who Is Roman Mcclay? Lyndon James Macleod Sanction Book Name, Find Him On Twitter

Roman McClay who real name is Lyndon McLeod is the man behind the Denver shooting that happened on Monday night. Continue reading the artricle to learn more about the incident. 

Roman McClay is identified by investigators as the man who killed six people in two Colorado cities on Monday night.

Police are currently investigating the case and the detail about the suspect and the victim who is killed is yet to be revealed by police officers. 

Denver Shooting: Who Is Roman Mcclay? 

Roman Mcclay is a violent felon who carried out the shootings in at least six different locations across Denver and Lakewood. He is a 47-year-old man whose real name is Lyndon McLeod. 

He was shot and killed by police after allegedly carrying out at least six shootings in Denver and Lakewood.

Mcclay was on the radar of law enforcement during two recent investigations, one in 2020 and one in 2021, according to Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen.

However, he was never charged. He killed 4 individuals and injures three others including the police officer.

According to Denver Police Department Chief Paul Pazen, two women were killed and one man was seriously injured in the first shooting near First Avenue and Broadway.

In Denver, another man was killed in a shooting near 12th Avenue and Williams Street. Both of these shootings occurred about an hour before the Lakewood officer was killed.

There were additional shooting scenes at Sixth Avenue and Cherokee Street, as well as Eighth Avenue and Zuni Street, according to Denver police, but no injuries were reported at either location.

Police believe McLeod was targeting all of the people he shot, though no motive has been provided by the suspect.

A FOX31 Investigative Reporter spoke with Gabriel Thorn, who was living in McLeod’s house. They discovered a lot of hidden gun safes in the walls of the house.

Thorn went on to explain how, surprisingly, he left the area after selling his house to them.

Lyndon James Macleod Sanction Book Name 

Lyndon James Macled had changed his name under the pen name Roman McClay. He has written and published the “Sanction” series of books.

McLeod named the main character in the book after himself, and the assumption is that the narrator is artificial intelligence, according to a YouTube interview.

Many Twitter users are currently reviewing his books. It has also been revealed that he has mentioned @rubinreport several times in order to acknowledge his book.

One of the users has disclosed a video where we can see McClay’s conversation with famous personality @timcast, @ClaremontInst, and simp fellow @jackmurphylive.

The user mentioned that these personalities have locked his account in order to conceal hundreds of tweets sent by the Denver mass murderer Roman McClay.

Find Roman Mcclay On Twitter

Lyndon James Macleod is available on Twitter under the name Roman McClay. He frequently promotes his book and its audio on his Twitter account. 

Roman Mcclay once tweeted about the significance of loyalty in former President Donald Trump’s “maternal line”.

He responded in May 2020 to an MSNBC video in which rap artist 50 Cent said Trump should forgive advocate Roger Stone because “if that’s his people, he must look out for them.”