Tiktok: Dee Phrasayavong Death and Obituary: How Did She Died?

TikTok and Instagram star Dee Phrasayavong is no longer with us. We dedicate this obituary to her. How did she die?

Instagram influencer Dee Phrasayavong has passed away, a close source revealed on Twitter. The influencer mom was very famous for her videos on TikTok and for her photos on Instagram. 

The news of her death has broken thousands of hearts. Dee’s fans are absolutely bruised by her death and cannot believe that the social media personality is no longer alive.

We pray for her soul. May she rest in peace. 

Dee Phrasayavong Died: Cause Of Death Explained

Dee Phrasayavong has died, according to reports on Twitter and Instagram.

However, the cause of her death remains unknown for the time being. Several comments on her Instagram posts already revealed that she had died a few weeks ago. But the confirmation arrived quite late when a close source made a post on social media. 

Dee Phrasayavong died young, however, her age is not known at the moment. She was most famous for her work on TikTok and Instagram where she made videos with her daughter. 

Dee Phrasayavong Daughter Saijean: Get To Know Her Family

Dee Phrasayavong’s daughter Saijean is also a TikTok star. 

The mother-daughter duo is loved by thousands of people on social media. And evidently, Saijean’s TikTok account has more than 20k followers already. 

They appeared together in most of the videos and people often praised the similarities between them. 

However, we don’t have any further facts about Dee’s other children and husband. 

Dee Phrasayavong Age And Instagram

Dee Phrasayavong’s age is not known. She looked quite young in her pictures and we are very sorry to hear the news of her death. 

Moroever, Phrasayavong has an Instagram account where she has over 1300 followers. According to her Insta bio, the social media celebrity was also an entrepreneur and real estate agent. 

We forward our heartfelt condolences to her friends and family. May her departed soul rest in paradise.