Singer and Instrumentalist David Longdon Death Cause, More On His Partner and Family

The news of David Longdon’s death has just been released as people wait to learn more about it. Till then, let us take a moment to look through his life.

David Longdon was a British musician who was the lead vocalist of the rock band Big Big Train. Big Big Train is considered one of the most progressive rock bands of our time, giving us timeless songs like Judas Unrepentant and The Ivy Gate. David was also one of the songwriters on the team.

He was a multi-talented individual as he used to play instruments like flute and keyboard. The world will forever remember his work both as a band member as well as a solo artist.

 What Was Singer David Longdon Death Cause At 56 Years of Age? Was He In An Accident?

As per the statement released by the band, David Longdon died in an accident. Further information is yet to follow.

The band posted a report indicating that he died in hospital in Nottingham, the UK, following an accident Friday morning.

The exact nature of the accident and demise are not made public yet; however, we do know that he was in a collision leading to him being admitted into the hospital. 

The musician is now survived by his partner Sarah and two beautiful children. No comments have been made by the families, understandably. Fans might be eager to learn more about the incident, but we all need to be patient at the moment and give the family and loved ones the time to grieve.

Any updates on the incident will be made available on the article as soon as new information is present.

David Longdon Partner Sarah Ewing Is A Fellow Band Member

David Longdon was married to his wife and partner of many years, Sarah Ewing. The couple had two daughters, Amelia and Eloise, both beautiful and smart girls.

As per Sarah, she was fascinated with drawing and painting from her early childhood. As she grew up, her interest in music began to foster. Eventually, she met the award-winning band Big Big Train as an artist. 

This is when Sarah and David finally began to spend some time together. The two decided to get married after knowing each other for some time. Sarah had joined the band in 2015.

She was given the Album Cover of The Year award at the 2018 Progressive Music Awards for her artwork in Big Big Train’s album, The Second Brightest Star.

Sarah even runs the Twitter account of the artist.

David Longdon Is Survived By A Beautiful Family of Three

David Longdon, with his wife Sarah, had a family with two kids. The kids, Amelia and Eloise, can be seen spending some quality time with their parents in different posts on the internet.

However, any further information on the girls is not available on the internet. The family is quiet and likes to lead a normal life as much as possible.