Daniel Jorgensen Owl City Sexual Assault Allegations - Was The Keyboard Player Arrested?

Daniel Jorgensen Owl City Sexual Assault Allegations – Was The Keyboard Player Arrested?

The former group member of the music band Owl City Daniel Jorgensen is alleged with sexual assault charges. Find the full story here. 

Daniel has been sentenced to at least two years probation after several sexual assault allegations. As per police reports, he lured minors into his sexual assault.

Furthermore, he is a well-known member of the music group Owl City. The American electronic music group was initially founded in 2007, where Daniel performed as a Keyboard player. 

Daniel Jorgensen Owl City Sexual Assault Allegations

The former instrumentalist and touring member of Owl City, Daniel Jorgensen, is allegedly charged for sexual assault involving a minor. 

As per a recent press release, he forced a 14-year old fangirl into a sexual act. He appears to have initially lured her in 2013 on a beach in the Atlantic City. In addition, he got arrested and charged in 2015 after he attempted to take the fangirl to his hotel room.

He was instantly removed from the band Owl City after his case was called upon hearing on the court. Adam, the founder of Owl City, was furious with his crew member’s action and released a statement to show his frustration.

Was The Keyboard Player Daniel Jorgensen Arrested?

After Daniel Jorgensen was found guilty of involving a minor in sexual acts, he got announced two years imprisonment.  

Not just one allegation, but several girls have been speaking up sharing their incident with Daniel. A girl from Twitter named Amber has also opened up about the horrifying assault she faced by Daniel.

She has stated that Daniel groomed her for over a year until he ended the sexual assault. She also added that Daniel is a monster who ruined her life, and it will never be the same for her.

Currently, Daniel is serving his sentence period. 

Daniel Jorgensen Bio And Net Worth

The full biography of Daniel Jorgensen is missing on the Wikipedia page as we speak. He was famous for his talent as a musician and instrumentalist. He also performed as a keyboard player from the band Owl City for years.

But as soon as his allegations were public, he got banned from the music group. Since then, he hasn’t got linked with any other music groups.

An online source estimated Daniel’s net worth to be in the range of $100k to $500k. 

Moving on, there is no intel on his current relationship status. Also, his family members have chosen to keep their private life away from the reach of the media.