Who Is Corie Barry Husband Marty? Their Age Difference And Wikipedia Details Explored

Corie Barry is married to her husband, Martyr. She is immensely successful in her career and her personal life too. 

Corie Barry is the first woman CEO of Best Buy Co. Inc. Alongside her successful career, she has a happy married life with her husband Martyr. Most people wonder if she has a huge age difference from her husband. 

The American business personality has only shared a few details of her personal life on the media. Meanwhile, Barry does not have her Wikipedia profile yet. 

Corie Barry Husband Martyr Wikipedia

Corie Barry got married to her husband Martyr in 2000. The couple welcomed a son and a daughter together. Corie currently resides in Minnesota, the USA, with her children and her spouse. 

Though she is happily married, she faced sexual misconduct allegations in the past. A whistleblower accused that Corie had an inappropriate relationship with another executive. 

The person sent an anonymous letter to the board of directors with the alleged sexual misconduct. The letter said she allegedly maintained a long-term relationship with her former boss, Karl Sanft. 

He was a Best Buy senior vice president before Barry became the CEO of the company. After the allegation, the company had an outside law firm investigate the case independently.

Barry is among a few women that lead Fortune 500 firms. She has seen meteoric growth in her career, which makes her exceptional personality. CEO of Best Buy with approx. 100,000 employees, Corie also works with the Board of Directors. 

She joined Best Buy in 1999 and has worked in several executive positions. The CEO served in many administrative positions after joining the company. Moreover, she also had a vital role in the development and new strategies of the company. 

Corie Barry and Martyr Age Difference And Education

Corie Barry was born in 1975 in Cambridge, Minnesota, USA. As there are no details of Martyr’s husband’s age, it is hard to tell their age difference. 

The 46 years old business personality is famous for being the first female CEO of Best Buy company. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Management from the College of St. Benedict. 

The CEO says she learned a strong work ethic from her parents at a young age. Barry started working from a young age and also got good grades on her school. She completed high school in 1993 in Minnesota. Barry then attended the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota. 

Alongside Best Buy, she also serves as one of the board of directors for DOmino’s Pizza. Barry started her career in the corporate world from a very young age. After getting her Bachelor’s degree, she got a job at one of the Big Four audit firms, Deloitte and Touche. 

Corie Barry Net Worth 2021 

The estimated net worth of a successful business personality, Corie Barry, is $29.5 million as of 2021. She earns about $5,919,680 as the CEO and director of Best Buy. 

She owns the company’s stock worth over $17,561,698. Moreover, in the last five years, they have sold BBY stock of more than $6,027134.