Who Is Collin Reeves? Man Arrested In Jennifer and Stephen Chapple Murder, Here Is More

Collin Reeves is the man arrested in Jennifer and Stephen Chapple Murder. The couple got murdered after a parking row.

Reeves is a former soldier who got arrested for the double murder of a couple after parking row. The husband-wife duo got killed at their home in Somerset. Their death got referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. 

The couple had reportedly gotten in a row over parking on their estate before the murder. The police officers were called to deal with the parking issues. Family liaison officers have been supporting the family and are updating the progress of the investigation.

Who Is Collin Reeves?

Reeves is an ex-commando royal engineer, a role that supports the Royal Marines. A picture of him in his uniform wearing the Queen’s diamond jubilee medal and The Afghanistan Campaign medal went viral on social media after his arrest. 

Collins’s current age is 34 years. He served in Afghanistan as a commando royal engineer, reports The Sun

He lives in Dragon Rise, Norton Fitzwarren, and is currently in police custody. Collin is due to appear at Taunton magistrates court on November 25. 

The victims were formally identified on November 24, and post-mortem examinations disclosed that they passed away from multiple stab wounds. 

The police were granted an extension to continue questioning Reeves. A 67-year-old man, who is believed to be his dad, got released but remained under investigation.

He has now been charged with the murder of Jennifer and Stephen. Further details about Collin’s personal life are yet to be revealed by the authorities. 

Collin Reeves Arrested In Jennifer and Stephen Chapple Murder

Collin got arrested on suspicion of murdering Jennifer and Stephen Chapple on Sunday, as per The Guardian. The husband-wife was discovered with wounds on Sunday night in their residence in North Fitzwarren, Somerset.

After the post mortem, it was discovered that Jennifer passed away from several stabs wounds. An autopsy for Stephen’s body also concluded that he died from multiple stab wounds. Friends and family paid tribute to Stephen and Jennifer. They also left floral tributes and messages at the scene.

Who Are Jennifer and Stephen Chapple?

Jennifer Chappel was a garden center worker. Her age was 33 years old during the time of her death. 

Stephen Chapple worked as a computer teacher at a secondary school. His age was 36 years during the time of his death. He was declared dead at the scene. 

Jennifer and Stephen have two children, aged five and six. Their sons were sleeping upstairs in their Somerset home when the horrifying incident occurred. 

Their kids are now in the care of Jennifer’s sister and they are already living with her at a home nearby.