Cheryl Hakeney Illness Update: Health Condition, Is She Sick?

The news of Cheryl Hakeney’s illness has been circulating online while she appears to be fine as per her daughter’s Instagram post. 

Cheryl Hakeney is both a financial expert and a model. Furthermore, she is valued more as Zara Holland’s mother.

On ITV’s Dickinson’s Real Deal, she works as a special antique master. She and her adored husband own an antique boutique.

She also has her own clothing line, Mimi Boutique. Aside from that, she is well-known and very active on social media accounts. 

Before becoming an antique expert, she worked as a model and beauty expert.

Cheryl Hakeney Illness Update

A piece of news is circulating online about the illness of British television personality, Cheryl Hackney. 

However, there is no report on Cheryl Hakeney’s health being ill or her sickness, at the moment. She seems fine and healthy on the pictures shared.

However, she was certainly sick back in 2016 when her daughter, Zara Holland was participating in the reality show, “The Love Island”.

Holland, Cheryl’s daughter, left the reality show to be with her mother during a difficult time. When she found out about her mother’s illness, she was in the middle of filming a dating show called Love Island.

She was diagnosed with a mysterious disease whose nature was not revealed from 2016 to till now. When she found out about her mother’s illness, she was in the middle of filming a dating show called Love Island.

How Is Cheryl Hackney Health Condition Nowadays? Is She Sick?

Cheryl Hackney, an antique dealer is healthy nowadays, according to our observation of her activity.

There is no news and status related to her sickness on either of the mother and daughter Instagram pages.  

The most recent post of the mother and daughter duo was on November 14 on @mimiboutiqueltd. She seemed perfectly fine from her picture. 

In addition, her daughter Zara Holland has not mentioned anything about her mother’s illness in her most recent post of one day ago.

Cheryl Hackney is fortunate to have a lovely and supportive family. The mother-daughter frequently posts on Instagram wearing a costume made from the same fabric.

Cheryl Hakeney And Her Husband Both Are Antique Dealers- ITV, Dickinson’s Real Deal

Cheryl Hackney is married to her husband, David Hackney, who is also an antique dealer. The couple is a regular dealer on ITV’s Antiques Roadshow. 

The couple has been running her shop for over ten years. As a result, we can anticipate that they should have had gathered very good fortune.

However, there isn’t much information on her husband. Furthermore, she has kept her Instagram page private, from which we could have gleaned some information about her husband.

We will update you with further information on her husband as soon as we get some reliable information.

On Instagram, there are numerous accounts with Cheryl’s name. However, @cherylhakeneyclark, whose setting is private is known to be her genuine account.