Brandon Hatmaker Divorce Reason: What Happened To Brandon & Ex Wife Jennifer Hatmaker?

Brandon Hatmaker Divorce Reason: What Happened To Brandon & Ex Wife Jennifer Hatmaker?

Brandon Hatmaker and ex wife Jen Hatmaker had a divorce. Did he have an affair with new girlfriend?

Brandon Hatmaker is the former husband of Jen Hatmaker. The celebrity couple got married in 1993 and also have five children together.

Furthermore, the couple also founded the Austin New Church in Texas. However, the couple was unable to sustain their relationship.

The couple split in August 2020 after several years of marriage. What is the reason behind the split? Here are every detail explained.

Brandon Hatmaker Divorce Reason Explained

The possible reason for Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker’s divorce is cheating.

A split between a couple often leads to such speculations. However, Brandon has not commented on the divorce.

It was Jen who announced that she is separating from her husband. It was made official through her Instagram handle.

In her IG post, she revealed that she is shocked, grief-stricken, and broken-hearted. This is a possible clue for Brandon cheating on her.

In fact, there were strong rumors of Brandon having an affair but none were ever confirmed or denied.

However, she did not reveal the reason for the divorce and implored her followers.

Similarly, both parties have kept the reason behind their divorce private.

The pair is the parents of five children, Gavin, Caleb, Ben, Remy, and Sydney Beth.

What Happened To Brandon & Ex Wife Jennifer Hatmaker?

After more than ten years of marriage, Brandon Hatmaker and Jen called it quit in August 2020.

Jen Hatmaker was left heartbroken as mentioned in her Instagram post.

However, it seems like both have accepted their fate and are trying to move on from their previous married life.

Jen Hatmaker recently shared a life update on Instagram. She has met someone new and reflecting on the obstacles she had in 2020.

The author has shared a series of photographs with her new lover on Instagram. But still, fans are curious about her split with Brandon Hatmaker.

Aside from her divorce from Brandon, her most recent book was published on March 23, 2021.

Did Brandon Hatmaker have an Affair with new Girlfriend? 

Like Jen Hatmaker, it seems Brandon Hatmaker has found a new girlfriend.

However, he has not revealed any details about her. Sooner or later he will reveal her on his social media.

He is currently in Austin, Texas, as mentioned in his Instagram profile.

There is also a rumor that Brandon has resigned from his job, but no confirmation has been given as to why he has resigned.

 Brandon Hatmaker is seen active on Instagram with the handle name @brandonhatmaker.