Blue Origin: Who is Evan Dick? Details To Know About His Net Worth And Wikipedia Biography

Evan Dick is an investor and engineer who is also one of four paying customers who will travel on the upcoming flight to space. Here is more on him.

Blue Origin has announced its crew for New Shepard’s 19th mission set to launch at the start of next month, 9 Dec to be exact. The crew features two honorary guests as well as four paying customers.

Blue Origin is an American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company.

Blue Origin: Who Is Evan Dick?

Evan Dick is one of the four customers to fly to space as part of Blue Origin New Shepard’s latest mission as it completes its 19th mission.

He is an investor and engineer to accompany 6 other crew members of its upcoming NS-19 flight on Thursday, December 9.

The guests to venture into the upcoming flight are the Good Morning America co-anchor, Michael Strahan along with the eldest daughter of Alan Shepard, who was the first American to fly to space. 

The eldest daughter is Laura Shepard-Churchley, who is the chairman of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation’s board of trustees will be part of a six-person crew set.

The three other customers are space industry executive and philanthropist Dylan Taylor, Bess Ventures founder Lane Bess, and Cameron Bess. 

The company has a vision of millions of people living and working in space for the benefit of Earth has been the mission all along.

It will be New Shepard’s third human flight this year, the sixth for the program in 2021, and the 19th in its history. It will carry a full six astronauts to space for the first time.

Evan Dick Net Worth: How Rich Is The Investor?

As Evan Dick is one of four paying customers set to travel aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard, people are very curious to know his net worth.

So far we are unable to estimate his actual net worth but we do know the fact that to travel to space as part of the New Shepard mission, one has to be prepared as a ticket is estimated to be in the millions.

A seat on Blue Origin’s first crewed flight sold for a whopping $28 million.

We can clearly guess Evan has a huge amount of earnings to be on the prestigious flight to space.

Evan Dick Age: Explore His Wikipedia 

Evan Dick’s age is still a mystery as he has not unveiled his birth date. He must be in his late 40’s if we take a look at his picture.

He yet has to be featured in Wiki as well but we have gathered a piece of small information on him and prepared a bio.

Evan, along with being an engineer and investor, is also the Managing Member of Dick Holdings, LLC, which is listed to be in the management of companies and enterprises sector.

He is an ATP-rated pilot and volunteer for Starfighters Aerospace, as well as an avid sailor and motorcyclist.

He previously worked as Senior Vice President for D.E. Shaw and Managing Director of Highbridge Capital Management.

Furthermore, he is also a charitable supporter of the Darwin Foundation and Population Relief International Corp.