Who is Rapper Big L On BMF? Meet The Actress Alexus Renee Who Portrayed Her On Screen

Actress Ajiona Alexus Renee has portrayed the role of Big L in the Black Mafia Family. Here is more about the girl boss in this article. 

Fifty cents Crime series, Black Mafia Family(BMF) is inspired by a true story. It shows a notable drug distribution and money laundering network based in Detroit.

On 21 Nov, the season finale aired on Starz, with season 2 on the way. Only four days after the series premiere, Starz extended it for a second season on September 30, 2021.

Who is Rapper Big L On BMF?

In the television series BMF, actress Alexus Renee played Rapper Big L. 

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger on 21 Nov 2021, after only introducing the character of Alexus known as Kato. The show finally had shown the Big Meech and Terry’s business scooping up.

According to the last episode, despite her tumultuous relationship with the Meech, the pair finally reach an agreement with Big L, the female boss.

We’re likely to see more of her role in the upcoming season now; the girl boss is interconnected with Meech and Terry’s leading character. 

She made her initial appearance on the show in Episode 4, titled Heroes. She runs into Meech and Terry at the club while the boys wait for Rock’s connection to a new supplier, though they have no idea it’s her.

By the end of episode 4, Terry has developed a connection with Big L. And the girl boss was willing to work with him despite having no experience. 

After that, she finally appears in the finale and takes her fans to surprise when her guards draw their guns on Meech. This scene appears just after the boys go to her merchandise warehouse to discuss business.

The first season concludes with Big L giving the pair ten keys of the product due to Terry’s strong connections with her. She mentions, “this partnership will go beyond limit” to him, hinting that we’ll see more of her next season.


Actress Alexus Renee Age Revealed- Explore Her Wikipedia

Born on March 16, 1996, the American actress is 25 years old as of now. 

She started her career at the early age of 12. She has been featured in wonderful movies and series such as, who has appeared in The Rickey Smiley Show, Empire, 13 Reasons Why, Acrimony, and Breaking In.

She is featured on the Wikipedia page; however, very little information is available on her.

She attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts and majored in Theater Arts.

She is available on Instagram under the handle @ajionaalexus, where she has over 1.4 million followers. We can learn a lot about her projects and achievements by observing her Instagram page. 

She is quite discreet about her personal life and has not disclosed anything on that matter. 

However, we have updated you with the available information on her. 

Alexus Renee’s Husband- Is She Married

Alexus Renee does not have a husband as she is not married yet.

Alexus is just 25 years old and had a lot to achieve in her life. It’s pretty soon to get married. 

As well as there has been no report and rumor about her dating anyone. She is currently single and living her life happily.  

In addition, Ajiona’s hands are occupied with numerous projects of her own as her career slowly approaches its pinnacle.