What Happened To Big Daddy Graham? Daughter Ava Graham And Family

Big Daddy Graham daughter Ava Graham continues the Philadelphia Morning Show despite his demise. Here’s everything you should know about the family.

On September 8, 2021, Big Daddy passed away. He was a legendary sports television and radio personality.

Moreover, he was a famous actor, comedian, writer, and recording artist too. Well, his work for 94 WIP-FM will forever remain in our hearts.

Who Is Big Daddy Graham Daughter Ava Graham?

Big Daddy Graham’s daughter Ava Graham followed in his footsteps. She is also a television show host.

Currently, she serves at the Sports Radio WIP as their on-air studio assistant. Moreover, she is also one of the hosts of the WIP Morning Show.

Well, Ava is widely recognized for hosting quizzes. According to her bio, we have come to know that she is a party enthusiast.

Indeed, she will be proud to continue her father’s legacy. Right now, she is having a tough time. Thus, we want everyone to provide the entire Graham family with privacy and space.

Moving on, we can find her on Twitter (@_avagraham), where she has 14.7 thousand followers. She has paid a tribute to her late father by posting an emotional tweet.

Also, she is on Instagram as @avagraham2. Her private account has accumulated 2.2 thousand followers.

Apart from Ava, Big Daddy has another child named Keely. But, we do not have enough information about his second daughter.

Furthermore, he is survived by two grandchildren, Jameson and Lucy. You can find Big Daddy’s obituary all over the internet.

Meet Big Daddy Graham Wife: Was He Divorced?

Big Daddy Graham’s wife is Debbie. No, they hadn’t been divorced.

Well, we have no idea how the couples met or when they tied the knot. However, we can confirm that his spouse was there for him till the end.

Before his death, the longtime partners resided in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Most probably, they raised both their children there.

However, he was originally from Southwest Philadelphia. You can find more about him on his Wikipedia profile.

What happened to Big Daddy Graham? In July 2019, he was paralyzed from the waist down. Reportedly, he had to undergo an emergency spinal cord surgery.

Get To Know Big Daddy Net Worth: How Rich Was He?

Big Daddy Graham’s estimated net worth was at least $12 million. Indeed, he lived a lavish lifestyle.

Most of his income came from his television and radio hosting. Most probably, his properties will be distributed equally among his family members.