Baba Suwe First Wife Omoladun Omidina Died - Take A Look At The Family

Omoladun Keukelewu, wife of Nigerian actor Baba Suwe died on 1 September 2009. The late actor confessed to feeling empty without his wife. 

Baba Suwe is a Nigerian actor and comedian. He is a well-known personality and has been regarded as one of the best in the field. 

Acting in multiple roles as his wife or as a younger sister in movies, Omoladun’s death had affected the actor’s personal and professional life. The Nigerian actor recently was pronounced dead after being paralyzed for almost six years. 

Baba Suwe First Wife Omoladun Omidina - Their Family Life Explored

Baba Suwe and his wife Omoladun and Omidina have been married for more than two decades when Omoladun died. Dying at a young age, the reason for her death had been revealed to be high blood pressure. 

Taking the mother’s death to her heart, Omoladun’s daughter blamed her stepfather for being the reason for her high blood pressure. The very disease ultimately took Baba Suwe’s wife’s life. 

But the comic actor has bluntly declined all the accusations and stated that he loved his wife very much. He would do nothing to hurt her. 

Opening up to Encomium Magazine, the comic actor expressed his grief of not having his wife beside him. He further added, his wife isn’t someone he would forget easily. And, her death has cut a very deep cut in his heart. 

Is Baba Suwe Dead? - Celebrating His Life

Baba Suwe was pronounced dead just recently after being paralyzed for four years. He was only 63-years-old. The news of his death was disclosed by vanguardngr.

The actor was left paralyzed after suffering from a stroke in 2017. As per an article on manpower, Baba blamed the challenges of his health conditions on the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency of Nigeria. 

He was a comic actor appearing in multiple movies like Bao Ku, Oju Oloju, Baba Londoner, Aso Ibora, among other Nigerian movies. 

Baba Suwe Sons and Daughter 

Baba Suwe was blessed with three children from his first wife, Omoladu Keukelewu. Their children are named Junior Ominida, Halimat Omidina, and Okki Omidina. 

Died in 2009, his stepdaughter Omolara Kareem was quick to accuse her stepfather, Baba Suwe murdering her mother. 

As per the actor’s late wife’s post mortem report, she died due to high blood pressure. However, her daughter thinks that the high blood pressure result of the fights Omoladu had with her husband.