Are The Green And Brown M&M Dating? Gender and Sexuality Update

Are The Green And Brown M&M Dating? Gender and Sexuality Update

The one thing Twitter users are talking about the most is if The Green and Brown M&M are dating. Here is everything you need to know about them and why did the love interest speculations come up. 

Most people are aware of the Green and Brown, the anthropomorphic M&M. They have been the hot topic on the Internet as the mascots are all getting a new look and fresh personalities to give Mars, Inc. sweets a ‘modern appeal’. 

M&M’s recently announced that they are updating the look of the anthropomorphic characters. As per the press release, they want to offer a fresh and modern take that underscores the importance of self-expression. 

Meanwhile, the changes are grabbing a lot of attention making it a hot topic on Twitter. More specifically, they couldn’t stop mentioning the Green and Brown M&M’s wearing heels while canoodling on a sandy beach. 

Are The Green And Brown M&M Dating?

Mars Inc. hasn’t revealed anything about them dating. The recent M&M’s character design has shaken up the Internet. In addition, the rebrand sparked the rumors of the Green and Brown M&M. However, there is a reason behind the speculations after the style change. 

In the redesign, the characters are rocking some new shows. One of the most noticeable changes is Green’s change from boots to sneakers. Twitter is exploding with people’s different assumptions and speculations about them. 

M&M’s made the news this week alongside other M&M characters. Them being in the news has resurfaced their relationship rumors. They are chilling on the sand while Brown’s leg cross at the knee and Green’s intersect at the ankle. 

Followingly, the signature footwear of the supposed couple is impressively clean. In the picture, Green’s left hand is sandwiched between Brown’s two palms. The rumors about the supposed couple first started back in 2015 when M&M’s posted their picture on the official Twitter page. 

The Green And Brown Gender & Sexuality Update 

As the official page mentioned them as Ms. Green and Ms. Brown, they are girls. Following the caption, the little-noticed revelation that they are lesbians is going viral on Twitter. It is safe to say that M&M’s are celebrating LGBTQ diversity. 

On the bright side, people are extremely happy at the moment. However, Mars Inc. itself hasn’t said anything about its sexuality in the media. Twitter is continuing to come up with many tweets with the passing time on the platform. 

Green And Brown M&M Relationship On Twitter 

Twitter is going crazy about the supposed relationship of Green and Brown M&M recently. One of the users wrote that it is a “kinda cool statement on the behalf of a big American brand” that LGBTQ relationships are normal. 

Many well-known personalities are reposting the brand’s post on their verified account. The Hill also posted the picture saying the characters are being inclusive. 

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