Meet Aoife Hinds Parents? Father Ciarán Hinds and Mother

Aoife Hinds parents are famous artists and TV personalities. Learn more about her as an actor and her personal life.

Hinds is lately popular for her role as Princess Mary in the mini-series Anne Boleyn. The drama is mainly about a psychological thriller that gets divided into three parts. 

Aoife starring in a historical drama has been a Magnificent opportunity for her. As stated by Hinds, she has never been to the period series before. 

With her struggling and rising in the industry, people have been piquing more interest in her parents. 

Who Are Aoife Hinds Parents? 

As a British actress, Aoife is famous for her look. Born in the United Kingdom, Aoife has lived off with her parents. 

Since childhood, Hinds has gotten love and support from her family; Hinds has grown to be the most muscular woman who fights against racism. 

After completing her education at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2016, and Conservatoire National in 2017, she started her career in 2018. 

Even though she comes from a background in the entertainment industry, she has worked hard in developing her career. 

Hinds father is of Irish ancestry, and her mother is of Vietnamese descendant. Also, she is a bilingual who can speak both the language of French and England.

Belonging to multiracial parents, Aoife has always stood up against racism and talks about the existing racism in society. 

Additionally, her father has been excellent support for her in her acting career. 

Know About Aoife Hinds Father Ciarán Hinds 

Ciaran is a well-known Irish actor best known for his versatile acting. He has played the roles of different characters within his career life, starting from hero to villains. 

Being a veteran actor, he has been of great inspiration to his child Aoife. The father and daughter seem to have a great bonding with each other. 

In the beginning, Ciaran tried to keep his daughter, Aoife, away from the entertainment sector. However, looking at his daughter’s hardship, he has grown to support her. 

Aoife’s dad, Ciaran, holds the citizenship of Ireland and the United Kingdom and has been in the sector for more than 46 years till present.


Learn About Aoife Hinds Mother, Helene Patarot

Aoife’s mother belongs to a family of successful stars in the movie industry. Her mother, Helene Patriot, is a French- Vietnamese actress. 

She has starred in various movies during her popular acting career. Helene met Ciaran; during the cast of The Mahabharata, production by Peter Brook in 1987. 

Just like her father, her mother also supports Aoife in her acting career and has motivated Hinds. 

Through her charm and diligence, Aoife has been successful in captivating people’s hearts. With her talent and skill, she will rise in the industry in no time.