Who Is @anamacewindu Tiktok? Ana Abulaban Death By Boyfriend Ali Abulaban

@anamacewindu, who goes by the real name Ana Abulaban was a content creator and social media influencer. Here we break everything about the incident.

Ana Abulaban was the victim of the shooting incident where she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ana’s husband, Ali Nasser Abulaban, fatally shot his wife and another man named Ray Cardenas Barron. He was charged and arrested with both murder cases.

Who Is @anamacewindu Tiktok? 

@anamacewindu was Ana Abulaban’s TikTok handle. Ali Abulaban’s wife Ana Abulaban was a famous content creator on social media whose fan following was hitting the bricks recently.

Ana was a rising social media influencer who lived in San Diego with her husband Ali and their 5-year-old daughter.

@anamacewindu When your partner is your best friend #GetCrocd #fyp #GoForTheHandful ♬ Lento - Julieta Venegas

@anamacewindu aka Ana Abulaban was the wife of TikTok star, Ali Abulaban who also goes by name Jinnkid. He allegedly shot her and her ‘companion’ Ray Cardenas Barron at an East Village high-rise apartment.

She was a growing and glowing TikTok star amassing more than 14.3K followers on his TikTok handle. Additionally, she had hoarded more than 69.2K likes. 

Other than that, Ana was active on the Instagram platform under the username @anamacewindu. On her Instagram handle, she had racked over 11.3K followers.

Ana Abulaban Death By Boyfriend Ali Abulaban

Ana Abulaban was murdered by her boyfriend Ali Abulaban in shooting incident.

In last Thursday’s gunshot killing at the Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex, Ali Abulaban killed his wife, Ana Abulaban.

Reports suggest that Ana was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Ali. In September, an incident was logged where Ali pushed Ana, causing an injury that was also eye-witnessed by their daughter.

On October 18, Ana asked her husband to move out of their apartment, but he secretly made a copy of the apartment key.

Brast revealed that while Ana was away, he used the copied key to enter on October 21, vandalized the unit then installed an app on his daughter’s iPad that allowed him to monitor their live conversation.

After the live discussion, he heard his wife and another man in the apartment and drove to the complex from a Mission Bay hotel, where he shot them with a gun.

@anamacewindu Age Revealed

@anamacewindu, aka Ana Abulaban, was 28 years of age.

Well, the 28-year-old rising social media influencer was on the verge of struggle on social media platforms. 

After her unexpected demise, her fans and followers are demanding justice for her. People are getting avid to know more about the shooting incident.

How Much Was Her Net Worth?

@anamacewindu net worth was speculated in thousands.

She was admired, which made her come into the limelight for her TikTok content. Besides that, there’s no trace of information regarding her job or work.