Who Is Adele Ex Boyfriend Alex Sturrock? Here’s More On The Guy That Broke Her Heart

Adele ex-boyfriend Alex Sturrock, is a photographer who is now married with a wife. Adele speaks with Opera for a CBS special to discuss her songs that tell stories of love and heartbreak.

Adele fans coined the term ‘Mr 21’ to refer to the man responsible for the singer’s hit songs ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ ‘Set Fire to the Rain,’ ‘Turning Tables,’ and ‘Someone Like You’ from her second album, 21.

In this article, we will be talking about Mr 21 or Alex Sturrock, who is behind the singer’s hit song. 

Who Is Adele Ex-Boyfriend Alex Sturrock?

An anonymous ‘friend’ of Alex has affirmed that he dated Adele for nearly a year between 2008 and 2009.

“It was a sensitive time for them, they spent all of their time around each other. And when they weren’t together, they rang each other continuously.”

Since the “album 21” was released in 2011, the timing appears to be correct, allowing Adele enough time to write a grammy-winning album about what a jerk he was to her.

Adele told Out that she would have given up her “profession, friendships, and passions” to be with him.

“He was my soul mate,” she described him. “We had it all, we were perfectly right on every level.”

“We’d finish one another’s sentences, and he could tell exactly how I was feeling by the glance in my eye, and we loved and hated the same things. In addition to that, we were courageous when the other was courageous and vulnerable when the other was vulnerable,” she stated.

After learning that the man had gotten engaged to somebody else following their breakup, Adele wrote’ Someone Like You’.

Does Alex Sturrock Have A Wife? Explore His Wikipedia and Net Worth

Alex Sturrock seems to be married; however, he has not revealed anything about his personal life. 

The one who photographs the people and brings their story to the public has hidden his personal life. 

Photographer Alex Sturrock captures candid, observational images of London, portraying its people and places.

He does not yet have a Wikipedia page, and very little is available on his life online. 

In terms of his net worth, no information about his earnings or salary is available. He does, however, frequently work in collaborative projects that fund him.

Explore The Photographer’s Alex Sturrock Bio- His Age

Alex Sturrock works as a photographer and has spent the majority of his career photographing the lives of ordinary people in London.

Sturrock describes how Instagram has “re-energized street photography” and exposes his subjects to public shaming.

He states, “Unfortunately, it has also put the images and people in them in jeopardy due to the “shaming culture” that has developed online.

I’m concerned about the possibility that people will perceive my images as contributing to this.”

As It’s difficult to choose who to photograph since everyone has something about them that reflects the history of their family, society, and oneself. According to the photographer, he chose the subject based on instinct rather than planning.

He reveals himself to the world and sees what appeals to him.

Alex has previously worked for magazines like Guardian and Vice.

However, we rarely see his photography on his Instagram page. Either he has taken a break from his career, or he is planning something big and is swamped as a result.