Who Is Actor Blake Richardson on Midas Man? Meet The Guy Playing Beatles Legend, Paul McCartney

Young musician Blake Richardson to play Paul McCartney on ‘Midas Man’. Here you may learn about his Wikipedia, age, and net worth.

Blake Richardson is a young musician and actor. The singer is a member of the pop trio New Hope Club signed to The Vamps label Steady Records.

Some of the hits songs of his band are Know Me Too Well, Fixed, Love Again, Start Over Again, Medicine, You and I, and many more.

The talented musical artist is stepping towards acting in 2021. He will be playing the role of Paul McCartney in the Beatles biopic titled, Midas Man.

Midas Man Actor: Is Blake Richardson on Wikipedia? 

Blake Richardson had started his Music career in 2015. Back then he was sixteen years old.

The vocalist and his friends first released covers on their Youtube channel. They mostly covered songs by The Vamps and Shawn Mendes.

Richardson knows to play varieties of instruments. He is very fluent in guitar, piano, and keyboard.

The singer’s good looks, musical background, and English heritage perfectly fit the character of young Paul McCartney.

The actors playing the Fav four of the Beatles have been announced. Visit the link to know details about the actors. 

Blake Richardson Age: How Old Is The Midas Man Actor?

Blake Richardson is 22 years of age. He is portraying the young Paul McCartney in the Beatles biopic.

Richardson was born in the year 1999 and his birthday falls on October 2. His sun sign is Libra.

Furthermore, he stands at the height of exactly 6 feet tall ie 183 cm.

Blake Richardson Net Worth Is Measured In Millions

Blake Richardson has a net worth of $1.1 million in 2021. The young artist has sold so many albums in past.

His current musical group is signed with The Vamps label Steady Records.

On Youtube, The New Hope Club has almost 2.19 million subscribers.

Blake Richardson Instagram Followers Has Risen

Yes, Blake Richardson is active on the Instagram platform. His handle name is @newhopeblake and to date, the profile has 650 thousand followers.

Richardson has a huge fanbase, especially among ladies. From his IG bio, we have discovered that he is a big supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Moreover, the young singer turned actor is currently dating his girlfriend Bailee Madison. She is a Disney star who is known for her role as May Belle Aarons in the film Bridge to Terabithia.