Who Is Abelina Sabrina? Gus Johnson Girlfriend Age - Find Her On Instagram

Abelina Sabrina is the ex-girlfriend of Gus Johnson. More details on their past relationship. 

Gus Johnson has posted a long apology note to his ex-girlfriend after she uploaded a video explaining the struggles when she was in Ectopic Pregnancy.

Who Is Abelina Sabrina?

Abelina Sabrina is a Youtuber, voice artist, and social media personality from Mexico. She uploads skit videos on her channel and has 177k subscribers. 

She has worked in various Tv series and game shows as a voice artist. On October 22, 2021, she shared a video explaining the sufferings when she had Ectopic pregnancy, 

She mentioned that she suffered a lot during those times but she did not get any support from her then-boyfriend. She did not disclose her ex-partner’s name on the video. 

She claimed that she almost died due to internal bleeding from a ruptured fallopian tube. However, she did the surgery which also caused her to lose her baby. However, doctors could save her life.

Her claims were proven true as she had shown her records of doctor’s appointments. Netizens were shocked to learn what she went through and provided her with positive and encouraging comments. 

How Old Is Gus Johnson Girlfriend, Abelina Sabrina? -Details On Her Age

Gus Johnson’s former girlfriend Abelina Sabrina is at the age of 27 years. She was born on 20 February 1994. 

She did not mention what year she suffered through the pregnancy complications as well. Furthermore, though she did not mention her former partner’s name, the eagle-eyed followers on the Internet named Gus Johnson. 

And surprisingly, on October 25, 2021, Gus had issued an apology statement claiming they were young back then and were going through tough times and not prepared to go through long-lasting and traumatic medical situations. 

He also added that after going through counseling in therapy with her, he had realized his shortcomings and wihsed that he would have known it before. 

He also said that he would be stepping away from all of his podcasts and will provide refunds for all of his shows for the remainder of this year. 

Meet Abelina Sabrina On Instagram

Abelina Sabrina is available on Instagram and is an active user. She has 34k followers on the platform. 

She goes by the username abelinasabrina on the site. She usually posts fun videos and her pictures on the profile. She describes herself as a video creator in the handle.