Why Was Aaron Singerman Arrested? Accident and DUI Charges, Here Is His Mugshot

Aaron Singerman’s arrest has stunned everyone. Fathom out about the latest news of the businessman. 

The well-known entrepreneur Aaron is the founder of Redcon1. The company is mainly for those who are fitness enthusiasts as it provides the fastest-growing sports supplement. 

On top of that, he also owns a gym named Recon1 located in the Boca Raton, Florida. He is mainly notable around the people who are into sports and fitness. 

Such a prestigious and respected figure, Aaron, got arrested. And this news might be the biggest shocking news among his followers. 

Why Was Aaron Singerman Arrested? 

Recently, the U.S court Judge has issued the order for Aaron Singerman after three years of the federal grand jury indicted him. 

The founder of the renowned company RedCon1 was summoned to the court for his trial on 22nd November. He got the allegation of selling illegal products along with anabolic steroids. 

As per the court, the supplements have been unsafe for the people; therefore, he could not have sold the products legally to the consumers. 

However, at present, he got arrested due to driving under the influence. On top of that, he even caused accidents crashing boats risking the life of the public. 

Aaron has been a controversial subject to the public at present. Firstly, he had all the scandals with illegal supplements, and now, getting arrested for drunk driving. 

Nevertheless, more details about the case are yet to get available. 

Aaron Singerman - Accident And DUI Charges 

Along with other defendants, Aaron got charged with “14 counts federal indictment.” After getting called by the jury, he got charged with two counts out of 14 counts. 

The other charges got dropped after he mentioned about investigator not knowing about science in supplements. With this, he will now serve 13 years of his life in prison, but the jury has yet to sentence him. 

Besides all that, he has recently been arrested for drunk driving and causing accidents. Not only was he under the influence, but, also was speed driving putting people’s lives in danger. 

People have become more than surprised by his behavior of driving under the influence and leading to accidents. With this, he got arrested with DUI  charges. 

Aaron Singerman Mugshot Revealed

The mugshot of Aaron has got released to the public. After the accidents, he seems to have hurt his head which gets seen in the mugshot photo. 

He has got a bandage on his forehead during the mugshot. It got taken after he created all the chaos of causing accidents under the influence. 

At present, Singerman got believed to have a net worth of around $5 million to $10 million. Additionally, he recently bought his property of $6 million; and has his $2 million property in Seven Bridges.