Who Is Zoran Stanojevic? Revelle Balmain Boss Age and Wikipedia, Why Was He Arrested?

Who Is Zoran Stanojevic? Revelle Balmain Boss Age and Wikipedia, Why Was He Arrested?

Zoran Stanojevic was the owner of escort service for Sydney based model Revelle Balmain who disappeared without any trace. Explore recent updates to the case.

Zoran Stanojevic was the former boss of famous model Revelle Balmain and was responsible for her casting features and his privately owned escorting service agency.

Zoran was arrested from his Maroubra residence on December 2, 2021.

Revelle Balmain, originally from Sydney disappeared without any trace, back in 1994 and the case is still pending as unsolved feature.

Zoran’s involvement in the vanishing has been called into question, once again, after his affiliation in a drug racket and organized theft have been identified.

Who Is Zoran Stanojevic? Details On Sydney Model Revelle Balmain’s Boss 

Zoran Stanojevic was the proud owner of the escort agency that was associated with the hospitality and kind treatment of Sydeny based model Revelle Balmain.

Revelle Balmain was one of the key model at her time, featuring in posters of luxury brands, earning huge revenues for the ad’s success and many more.

Revelle was last seen on November 5, 1994 by the eastern region of Sydney, known as Kingsford.

She was due assigned to meet her boss Zoran and her two men in a restaurant the very day of her sudden dissapperance.

The 27 years old vanishing case still looms in the either frame of decades, still asking for the right justice and proper solving.

Revelle’s boss Zoran Stanojevic has been arrested on Thrusday, December 2, 2021 for his sheer involvement in illegal drug trade, production and operation.

The Serbian raids arranged at the vulnerable sites of Maroubra, Surry Hills and Randwick where an extant hydroponic plantation favored about 102 cannabis plants.

Similarly, police and investigating authority traced about 8 kgs of dried cannabis adding the total worth of $400k.

Find More On Zoran Stanojevic’s Age: Is He On Wikipedia?

Zoran Stanojevic is 63 years of age as of 2021 and the former boss was arrested on Thrusday for his planned involvement in the drugs racket and luxury goods theft.

Zoran Stanojevic has not been featured in the official Wikipedia bio page but he was an owner of reputed escorting agency in the 1990s circa.

Zoran’s involvement in Revelle’s case has not been proved or doubted in major scale till now but police department are always looking for more robust clues.

Former Boss Zoran Stanojevic Refused Bail-Why Was He Arrested?

Zoran Stanojevic was arrested on December 2, 2021 for conducting an illegal circuit of drug trade, planting hydroponic cannabis plants all adding to the net worth of $400000.

He also advocated for the bail that was refused by the department.

Similarly, he has also been charged for the planned theft and selling of luxury items, of at least $150k value.

He was arrested alongside his four horsemen in the illegal business and many luxury goods such as ladies purses, handbags, shoes were seized by the authority.