Meet Yissra Tiktok: 2200 Bruva aka Brother Tiktok Age – How Old Is She?

Meet Yissra Tiktok: 2200 Bruva aka Brother Tiktok Age – How Old Is She?

Yissra is a social media influencer who got popular from her funny Tiktok videos. Here are more details about her. 

She is a popular internet sensation and many people consider her as one of the best social media influencers. Many people love her because of her funny video content.

Meet Yissra From Tiktok

Yissra is a prominent social media influencer who makes videos on Tiktok. She has massive 328k followers on the platform and has accumulated 3.7 million likes in her videos. 

Her bio reads, “Hey I’m yisra brother most of the things I do is a joke lol”. Her bio also portrays what kind of content she creates. 

Besides being a content creator, she is also an entrepreneur who runs MASHAKEL. It is a company that sells eyelash products that range from $9 to $36. All of the products are made by her and sold through an online store. 

She has provided the link to her online store on her Instagram. She is also available on Snapchat with the username @Yisrx. 

Yissra Named As 2200 Bruva aka Brother From Tiktok

Yissra is mostly called 2200 Bruva aka Brother because of one of her recent videos on Tiktok. She posted a video recently where she can be seen saying something in a funny tone. 

The lyrics of the video read, “double two, double O brother. I’m Yisra brother. Haaa, ahh, yeah brother you wanna talk about me brother? It’s ok brother. Leave go, brother. You think you are from the area brother. Ok, sister, Ok brother. Ok, brother, ahh”. 

Her tone in the video is funny and some people even called that she sounded like a magpie. The video went viral and has 3.2 million views. Since then some of her followers address her as 2200 brother or bruva. Bruva is slang for brother. 

Find Out Yissra Age – How Old Is She?

Yissra has not revealed her birth date as of 2021. Thus, we are not aware of how old is she at present. 

However, judging from her photos and videos, she seems to be in her mid-20s. There is rarely any information about her nationality and ethnicity. 

However, she uses the hashtag Bankstown which is a city in New South Wales, Australia. Many people on social media also call her an Aussie so we believe she belongs to Australian nationality or currently resides there.