Who Is Yasar Gun? Where Are Katharine Gun and Husband Now?

Who Is Yasar Gun? Where Are Katharine Gun and Husband Now?

Yasar Gun is the husband of a British whistleblower, Katharine Gun, who revealed top-secret information. Let us learn more about the duo and where they are currently.

Yasar’s wife is a British linguist who worked as a translator for the GCHQ, Government Communications Headquarters. 

Katharine leaked top-secret information to The Observer about a request by the United States for compromising intelligence on diplomats.

The diplomats were from member states of the 2003 Security Council, and they were due to vote on a second United Nations resolution on the future 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Who Is Yasar Gun? 

Yasur Gunnis is the husband of Katharine Gun, a linguist who specializes in translating Mandarin Chinese into English.

Yasur is a Turkish Kurd who is married to 47-year-old Katharine. Together they have a 13-year-old daughter.

After the incident, Katharine struggled to find work, and her husband had grown disillusioned with Britain and then kept away from the general public eye.

When Katharine blew the secret off the American-British spy efforts in 2003, her husband was thrown into troubled waters, which few people knew.

Katharine was charged with an offense under section 1 of the Official Secrets Act 1989 on 13 November 2003. Her case became a widespread controversy among activists, and many people stepped forward to urge the government to drop the case.

After this, the authorities again started plotting to deport Yasar back to the Middle East.

He was going in every week to the authorities to prove that he was still a resident and kept an eye on his location to pinpoint where he was.

On one trip to the authorities, they detained Yasar. They’d already escorted him down to the custody suite and begun the process. His wife then took the help of MP Nigel Jones and managed to free him, and gave him the right to stay in the UK.

Where Are Katharine Gun and Husband Now?

Katharine continues to reside in Turkey and occasionally visits Britain as of 2020. After the issue, they moved to Turkey in 2011 with her whole family to avoid the general public eye.

When she was acquitted in 2004, it was difficult for her to find a new job that she liked.

As of 2019, she lived in Turkey with her husband and daughter for several years.

In 2019, she finally returned to the general public eye for the promotional press occasions for Official Secrets. She has then attributed to being a huge source of information to the media’s watch.

In April 2020, Katharine was supposed to appear at the 14th edition of the International Journalism Festival as a speaker. Due to the pandemic, the event was then canceled.