Why Is Sheinelle Jones Leaving The Today Show, Where Is She This Week? Everything To Know

Why Is Sheinelle Jones Leaving The Today Show, Where Is She This Week? Everything To Know

Sheinelle Jones is rumored to be leaving The Today show due to her health issues.

Sheinelle Jones or Sheinelle Marie Jones is a well-known journalist, news anchor, and correspondent for NBC news. She hosts the Today show on weekdays and has become a household name since then.

Starting from her first broadcast job for WCIS in Springfield, Illinois, she has come a long way to grabbing a spot at NBC news. Prior to that, Jones worked at  KOKI-TV, the FOX, WTXF-TV, the FOX O&O in Philadelphia. However, her claim to fame definitely has to be her appearance at the NBC

Why Is Sheinelle Jones Leaving The Today Show?

Sheinelle Jones is leaving ‘The Today show’ has been discussed widely due to her absence from her regular show. People are mistaking her 2020 vocal cord surgery to be the reason behind her absence. 

There is no official confirmation regarding the journalist leaving the show. She might be on a break that has turned out to be the inception of rumors. 

Sheinelle was on a six-week leave due to her vocal cord surgery in February 2020. At that time, many people assumed that the anchor’s career was over and she could never talk on camera, flowing the rumors of her quit. Shutting all the speculation, the journalist came back stronger. 

Now, her absence today on the show has been linked to the 2020 news but there has not been any official confirmation regarding it.

Where Is Sheinelle Jones This Week?

Sheinelle Jones might be busy this week, which is why she is not present on ‘The Today Show’. However, there has been no news on what the journalist is up to and if she is actually leaving the show or not. 

She was recently recognized by Gannett Kansas as one of their “Distinguished Kansans of 2021″. This one was not only for her work in ‘The Today Show’ but also for the impact she created through her documentary.

Hence, she has not talked about leaving the show anywhere and we suppose it is just a mere absence and silly coincidence.

Sheinelle Jones Husband And Net Worth

Sheinelle Jones is married to her husband Uche Ojeh in the year 2007  in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The couple has three children together and lives happily in a nuclear family. 

As of Sheinelle Jones’s net worth is concerned, she has a fortune of around $23 million. It is composed of her excellent journalism skills over the years. Similarly, her Instagram also gives a hint of her well-to-do life.