Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox NFL And Where Is He Now? Everything About His Surgery Udpate

Why Is Howie Long Not On Fox NFL And Where Is He Now? Everything About His Surgery Udpate

Howie Long is not on Fox NFL Sunday. What happened to him? Get to know everything about his surgery and health update. 

NFL fans made their voices heard when they didn’t find Howie Long on FOX NFL Sunday. The studio analyst is the mainstay of the FOX NFL’s coverage and has been the front of the network for decades. 

However, the former defensive end was absent on Fox NFL Sunday coverage that left fans wondering about his health. Also, he has a history of a knee injury that became a turning point in his football career. 

Why Is Howie Long Not On NFL Sunday?

Howie Long wasn’t present on Fox Sports’s NFL Sunday last week.  

Even though the NFL analyst has not given the reason behind his absence, fans anticipated that he might be sick. We don’t have any information on why he was not at the coverage for now. 

With the next episode of the program to air on Sunday, we will probably get the answers behind his absence.

Where Is Howie Long Today? Is He Still Sick?

Howie Long currently works as an NFL analyst and pundit. 

The former defensive end has been associated with Fox Sports for more than 2 decades now. After playing in the NFL for 13 seasons, Howie made his career on TV analyzing the game he loves. 

In 1986, the footballer went under surgery when he bruised his knees. It was a critical phase of his career. But as of now, Long is in good health. He is not sick even though there are rumors surfacing on the internet about his alleged illness. 

What Happened to Howie Long After Surgery?

Howie Long had knee surgery in 1986. 

As one of the best NFL talents at the time, the defensive end’s game was affected after the surgery. However, he played for another 7 seasons before he retired in 1993 as a Raiders legend. 

Following his retirement, Long pursued a career in acting and starred in a couple of movies as well. And finally, he was able to stabilize his post-playing career in TV analysis and journalism. 

Meet Howie Long Wife Diane Addonizio And Family

Howie Long has been married to his high-school sweetheart, Diane Addonizio. 

The couple tied the marital knot back in 1982 and have remained married ever since. They also share three sons with each other.