Why Is Harry Connick Jr Bald? Cancer Or Sickness Concerns Following Shaved Head

Why Is Harry Connick Jr Bald? Cancer Or Sickness Concerns Following Shaved Head

Why is Harry Connick Jr bald? Fans are showing concerns after he recently shaved his head.

American actor and singer Harry has sold 28 million albums until now. He is also recognized as a pianist, composer, and television host. 

Some of his most popular shows include When Harry Met Sally, Alone With My Faith, We Are In Love, etc. Harry’s IMDb claims that he has worked in at least 36 movies and TV shows.

Why Is Harry Connick Jr Bald? Shaved Head Explained

Harry Connick Jr has gone bald for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Many viewers were unable to recognize him at first glance.

Reportedly, he greeted the huge crowd at the start of his parade performance alongside Annie. The NBC show is set to premiere on December 2 at 8 PM.

Most probably, he shaved his head for his role as Daddy Warbucks in the show. Some fans already knew about that but some were perplexed because of his new looks.

Well, Harry has received mixed comments from two sets of the fanbase. Some netizens have liked his looks while some are making jokes about his bald head.

Moving on, the actor is yet to comment on the negative comments he has received so far. Moreover, he is yet to officialize the real reason behind shaving his hair.

In the end, this is Harry’s decision and we must all respect it. He is a talented personality and has chosen this look for providing better entertainment to people all over the world.

Harry Connick Jr Cancer Rumors Debunked

Harry Connick Jr’s cancer rumors have turned out to be fake. He seems fine and that’s not the reason why he turned bald.

Netizens were curious to find out if Harry shaved his hair after having a positive cancer diagnosis. But, there’s no official news that confirms Harry has cancer.

So, we request people not to spread false information on the internet. Indeed, his family members wouldn’t enjoy reading such comments.

According to Wikipedia, Harry’s mother, Anita Frances Livingston passed away due to ovarian cancer. Maybe, he decided to go bald to respect his mom.

Is Actor Harry Sick? Everything To Know

Harry Connick Jr is not sick. There’s nothing to know about his illness in 2021.

Moving on, he is married to his wife, Jill Goodacre since 1994. The couples have three children – Georgia Tatum, Charlotte, and Sarah Kate.

Today, Harry’s net worth is approximately $55 million. His income and salary details are yet to be updated.