Why Did Fez Beat Up Nate & Why Does He Want To Kill Him? Feud and Hate Explained

Why Did Fez Beat Up Nate & Why Does He Want To Kill Him? Feud and Hate Explained


Fans are wondering why Fez beat up Nate after he is seen thrashing him repeatedly in the show premiere. Continue reading the article to explore their relationship. 

‘Euphoria,’ the much-awaited second season, returns to give viewers another perspective into the sex-addled and drug-addled lives of High School teenagers.

A cursed bathroom hookup, a near-drug overdose, and a life-taking fight between Nate and Fez were just a few of Euphoris’s season 2 premiere highlights.

Why Did Fez Beat Up Nate & Why Does He Want To Kill Him?

Fez beat up Nate in episode 1 of the Euphoria season 2, as revenge for causing trouble to him and his family in season 1. Fez wants to kill Nate because he had to give up on his drug stash and was in a financial bind to pay their suppliers.

Fez thrashes up Nate after breaking a bottle on his head. Fez pins Nate to the floor and punches him repeatedly until Mckay steps in. 

He leaves Nate bloodied as a pulp, making his fans concerned about his death. Nate has a burial site cut that runs from his brow to his cheeks. He is severely injured and is bleeding profusely.

However, let me assure you, he is not dead yet. Because the Season 2 trailer for Euphoria includes at least two events with Nate that have yet to be seen on the show.

Furthermore, HBO’s “In the Weeks Ahead” trailer after the Euphoria Season 2 launch confirms Nate’s survival at the hospital.

Fans were left with a cliffhanger, trying to determine whether Nate is dead or not. They are astounded by the show’s premiere. 

“Ashtray murdering Mouse, Rue practicing heroin and nearly dying again, Cassie and Nate meeting up, Rules becoming official, and Fez swaying Nate… all in the premiere?” tweeted @eliwhit_.

Feud & Hate Between Fez And Nate Explained

The hatred or feud between Fez and Nate is finally apparent; it all began in season one when Nate catfished Jules as a form of retaliation for sleeping with his father.

After they reacquired the level of nudity with each other, Nate threatens Jules by reporting her nudes as child pornography if she ever reveals her relationship with his father.

When Jules’s friend Rue realizes Nate has been blackmailing her, she requests that Fez intimidate him. The sweet Fez agrees and threatens Nate. 

He Nate that if he messes with Rue and her friends again, he will meet his demise.

However, Nate goes to the police station at the end of the first season episode and reports a crime. It’s not disclosed what he says exactly but Fez’s house is then raided by the police officers, forcing him to get rid of the drug den for his business.

Fez appeared to be retaliating against Nate for all of the trouble he had caused him and his family. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out what else occurs.

What Type Of Character Is Fez In Euphoria?

Fez, also known as Fezco, is the main character in Euphoria’s first and second seasons. His character is portrayed by Angus Cloud, while Mason Shea Joyce plays his 10-year-old counterpart.

He is a college dropout who is involved in the drug dealing business with his bossy grandmother, Kathrine Narducci. 

Despite being surrounded by all these negative events in his life, he is shown to have a pure heart. He considers his friend, Rue, a family member and is deeply concerned about her sobriety.