Who Is Thelma Wright? Emmett Till Cousin Age And Wikipedia – Where Is She Now?

Who Is Thelma Wright? Emmett Till Cousin Age And Wikipedia – Where Is She Now?

Thelma Wright, Emmett Till’s cousin, and his oldest relative battled for the justice of the brutal murder. 

A 14-year-old African-American boy was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in August 1955. The little boy facing such a tragic incident is one of the hurtful histories in the USA. 

Emmet’s cousin, Thelma, has been waiting for the boy’s justice all these years. The brutal murder recalled the dark and long history faced by African Americans in the country.

Did Thelma finally get justice over Emmett Till’s murder? Did the little boy’s soul finally rest in peace? Let’s find out.

Who Is Thelma Wright? Details On Emmett Till Cousin 

Thelma is the oldest relative of Emmett Till, the boy who got brutally murdered. She has been waiting for justice for 65-years now.

Wright believes that this is the last chance for her beloved late cousin to get justice over the tragedy. Till’s cousin Thelma and his family battled over the brutal murder case for many years. 

And with the final decision approaching, did the family ever get justice? Well, the public has been supporting Thelma and demanding peace for the little boy.

At present days, the case has been closed, with Roy Bryant and JW Milam convicted of murdering a 14-year-old African- American boy.

Thelma Wright Age: How Old Is She?  

Thelma has reached 88-years of age while waiting for 65-years on her cousin’s brutal murder case. She is the daughter of Moses Wright, who passed away in 1977.  

Not much is available about her personal life information. Besides that, she was previously the owner of the Greenville Beauty Salon.

Later she closed the shop and was retired from her profession. The African-American family is mainly known for waiting for justice over the cold case of Emmett Till. 

Is Thelma Wright On Wikipedia?

No, Thelma is not on the Wikipedia page, nor has she disclosed her personal details to the public. She is known for battling the cold case of her cousin. 

Regardless, Emmett Till got featured on the Wikipedia page with the details of his brutal murder. At the time, a 14-year-old boy got accused of offending a white woman in the grocery store.

Nevertheless, Thelma expressed her heartbroken in the closure of the case. 

Where Is Thelma Wright Now?

Thelma was fighting for justice for a long time. And now, with the case closure, she is currently living off with her old age.

There are no updates about her after. But, she did express not being surprised but heartbroken from the conclusion of the long battle. 

We hope she is living well after the long battle of her cousin, Emmett Till.