Who Is Scott Caruthers From Maryland? BDX Cult Leader Details To Know

Who Is Scott Caruthers From Maryland? BDX Cult Leader Details To Know

Scott Caruthers is a religious cult leader of the BDX group. He was guilty of murder and conspiracy a very long time ago.

Scott Caruthers is an alleged cult member. He is recognized as the leader of the BDX Cult group aka Beta Dominion Xenophilia.

The popular group is known for a space alien cult, however, it has also been blamed for a series of criminal activities in past.

Who Is Scott Caruthers From Maryland? Wikipedia

Scott Caruthers is a cult leader of Beta Dominion Xenophilia. His group was based in the suburbs of Carroll County.

Caruthers was charged with three murder-for-hire schemes many years ago.

In 2003, he was blamed for hiring a hitman to kill former business associate David Gable. Also, three other men in exchange for a stock.

The price value of the stocks was reported,  $110,000 at that time.

Further, there are so many criminal charges under his name. Caruthers was born to a normal family. He had more than 20 cats living with him.

He is also an author of a book called The Strongput Work System. 

Age: How Old Is Scott Caruthers? 

Scott Caruthers’ age is 76 years old in 2021. Since, 2003, he was 53 years old in 2001.

He was actually born Arthur Brook Crothers, in the year 1945. However, we are unable to gather details about his birthday.

Since the age of 17 years, Caruthers has fashioned a far more exotic version of himself.

As a con artist, he has posed an astronaut, a war hero, an Air Force test pilot, a CIA agent, a clairvoyant, and a space alien.

Who Is Scott Caruthers Wife? Family Details

Scott Caruthers was married to Dashiell Lashra. She was 42 years old in 2003, which means she is currently in her sixties.

She was also blamed for conspiracy along with her husband. Also, the couple was known as the Commander and Queen of the cult.

They had trapped all the members into believing that they were able to transport themselves back and forth between Earth and spaceships.

Caruthers father worked for the B&O Railroad. His mother stayed home and tended to lots and lots of cats.

Scott had dropped out of high school to enlist in the Army, however, he had left the field before completing his basic training.

Get To Know Scott Caruthers’ Net Worth Here

Scott Caruthers’ net worth details have not been covered anywhere.

Nevertheless, he had a lot of money through his Cult by fraud and conspiracy.