Who Is Sarah Stirk Partner or Husband? Married Life and Family

Who Is Sarah Stirk Partner or Husband? Married Life and Family

Sarah Stirk has long kept her love life a secret and never disclosed about her partner. Let’s delve further and see into her mindset. 

Sarah Stirk is a reputed British television presenter and commentator on Sky Sports Golf.

Also, an elite entrepreneur who owns her own luxury golf agency, Xclusive Golf, Stirk has been working as an ambassador to Goldbreaks.com. She is also known for being a successful presenter and entrepreneur.

Sarah Stirk’s Married Life and Partner

Sarah Stirk has never been with any partner, nor has she ever posted and commented publicly about her recent relationships and love interests.

She abides by her own rule of keeping her love life a secret to the normal world and would not share about it a lot. Although her social media accounts have many images of her with her male friends, none of them meets the aroma of being her sheer love interest. 

Just recently, she has been openly accepting her sexuality that she kept suppressed for decades.

Sarah recently told in an interview that she wants to be noted only for her professional activities, not for the views she shares. She came defending her lesbian sexuality and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

Sarah explained that she initially wanted to limit how her public talking affected her personal life.

She’s only into girls or whatever. I wanted to be talked about for being professional,” Sarah explained about the hard decisions she made for all these years.

She just wanted to be a job-holder commenting on the beautiful Golf sport, not some random character people spin their rebel and label arch at.

Sarah was found to be heavily influenced by her Sky Sports colleague and Attitude sports editor Mark McAdam, who publicly came out in 2014 – to break utter silence over her experiences as a gay woman.

Fast forward to the year 2021, Sarah is teasing a baby bump with the gender being already revealed as a baby boy.

About Sarah Stirk’s Parents and Family

Sarah Stirk’s actual date of birth except the year is unknown. She was born in 1979 to her father Ken Stirk, and mother, Anne Stirk.

She also has a big brother(Ed James) she posts a lot about on Instagram. 

Sarah earns a dashing salary exceeding $61,463 from just reporting the news on Golf courses. 

Sarah is thankful to her parents and brother, who showered her with immense love and support.

Her parents and family are happy to see her being a proud mother to a new baby boy Stirk de Junior.